Hedgehogs Class - Year R



Mr. R. Gill (Hedgehogs Class Teacher YrR)

Mrs. T. Baker (LSA)

Miss. E. Axford (PPA Teacher)




At Worlebury we strongly believe that Early Years education is the foundation upon which young children build the rest of their schooling. It is a holistic education that encompasses all learning and development. This is the purpose, nature and management of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Worlebury Primary School.  EYFS is available to children who enter school from September of the academic year in which they will turn five years old. These children are in the final year of the EYFS. In the National Curriculum this is referred to as the Reception Year, or YR. To read the full policy please look at Policies under Key Information



The Reception children at Worlebury have a fenced off area from the main playground which forms part of their 'outdoor learning environment'. They have access to this area throughout the day. For more information on the Reception Curriculum, please visit our Curriculum page under Key Information.



Start of the day: 8.50am             End of the day: 3.00pm




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Term 3 and 4 Parent Booklet (Curriculum and support)



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Term 1/2 Optional Home Learning Grid (coming soon!)

Please share reading books 5 times a week and record your progress in your child's reading log.  We audit all reading logs weekly to support you and your child's development.

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All children have log in details for Numbots.  These are printed on the inside of your child's reading records.

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Weekly 'Show and Tell' home learning is shared weekly through Class DoJo on each Friday during term.

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Reception Learning Diary



Term 2:


Children in Need

Today, the children came to school dressed in spots and to celebrate Pudsey Bear Day. The children enjoyed colouring pictures of him, some went for the traditional colours and others have given Pudsey a new look!
They also learnt that Children in Need is a charity that helps lots of children and families. The money raised in our school today will help to make children feel safe and happy making a difference in children’s lives that are less fortunate than them.
Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



Anti- Bullying

As it is anti bullying week, the children have been focusing on being a kind friend. They shared what makes a good friend and what they would do if someone isn’t being kind. The children said that we must use kind words, kind hands and kind feet. 😀



Gruffalo Crumble

The children were very excited to make Gruffalo Crumble! First, they washed their hands and then they sorted out the ingredients . Next, they smashed up the biscuits, melted the chocolate, syrup and butter together and then added marshmallows and raisins. After, they gave the crumble a big stir to combine all the ingredients together. Finally, they poured the crumble into a tin and using the back of a spoon flattened the crumble down. Miss Alton placed the crumble into the fridge to set and we shared the Gruffalo Crumble between the children at the end of the day. Yummy!



Woods Trip

Today, the children were very excited to go on their first school trip to the woods. They enjoyed exploring the first signs of autumn, they collected different coloured leaves, sticks and some even found rocks with moss growing on them. After exploring, the children were asked to collect resources to make an art picture like the artist Andy Goldsworthy. They collected lots of different leaves and set to work making their pictures with their friends and grown ups. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.

We would like to say a big Thank You to our adult helpers today, it is very much appreciated. Also, we would like to thank our children for their exemplary behaviour on our trip. We are very proud of them all.


Remembrance Day

The children worked in groups today doing poppy art. They used a poppy stamper to stamp poppies on a poppy picture. Next, they sprinkled red glitter onto the red paint and then used a paintbrush for the black in the centre of the flower.
The children said we wear poppies and they grow in fields. Later, we shared a book about Remembrance Day and the children chatted about Remembrance and how important it is.Guy Fawkes- Bonfire Night


Today, the children learnt about Guy Fawkes. They celebrated by cutting out a picture of Parliament and gluing it to coloured card. Next, they used chalks to draw fireworks in the night sky. They produced amazing pictures.

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed making Bonfire pictures using different resources to make special effects for the flames.
Some of the children enjoyed colouring in pictures of rockets and firework displays. They certainly had a very busy day!



Wow Day - Diwali

What an exciting day the children have had today! First, they learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. The children then learnt about what Diwali is and how it is celebrated.

In the morning, the children participated in decorating Diwali cards. They made firework pictures using toilet rolls to make patterns. Then they added a sprinkling of glitter to add sparkle to their fireworks!

They made Rangoli patterns using pipe cleaners, counters and colourful gems. The children were very creative with their patterns. Some of the children did colour by number to make a Rangoli pattern.

This afternoon, the children made Diya lamps out of paper plates. They made their own patterns using felt tip pens. This was decorated on the bottom of their plates and then they glued on pretty gems. After, they folded their plate in half and glued the candle flame to the top. The children were very proud of their lamps.

The children also designed henna patterns on paper hands. They also enjoyed playing with different drums making different rhythms.

The children have had a lovely day and we hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



Adventure Playground

The children were super excited to explore the new adventure playground equipment today. They demonstrated their climbing, balancing, strength and mobility skills with great confidence. They each had a lovely time playing together.
Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded. 😀



Our Class Community Tree 🌲

Our Christian value this term is ‘Community‘. Today, the children have been discussing about kindness and what it means to have courage to work and play together as a class. The children’s comments were added to our tree about learning and playing together and what we can do to be kind. Next, the children were asked to decorate their handprint using different colouring resources. Each hand was added to the tree to represent our class family.


This week, we have continued learning our phonics and learnt m as a new sound. We have been segmenting and blending words as well plus, learning to form our letters of the sounds we’ve learnt so far!
We have also learnt how to draw a triangle and turned triangles into aliens. We hope you like the pictures.

We have been learning the words to sing One Potato and 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive. This has certainly helped us with our counting in class activities. Ask your children if they can sing one of the rhymes to you!

The class story this week has been The Enormous Turnip and the children have enjoyed making puppets and retelling the story to each other. They even made an enormous turnip for our service using sponge paints to create different textures.

In the afternoons, the children have enjoyed playing on the adventure playground and are getting adventurous with their climbing and balancing skills.

In RE, we enjoyed listening to the story Adam and Eve from the children’s Bible. We shared our thoughts regarding the story. We felt that Adam and Eve should of listened to God and ignore the snake as it got them in trouble. We also agreed that you shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to you.

The children have enjoyed having lunch with their buddies this week and being able to play together after. Their buddies have been very helpful and caring to our lovely children.

Finally, this afternoon the children enjoyed sharing their Show and Tell with each other about what they enjoy doing at home with their family. It was lovely to see so many beautiful pictures and photographs. Thank you for supporting this.

We hope you enjoy the photos uploaded and have a lovely weekend. 😀




Hello to all Hedgehog parents!

Well, we have now reached the end of our transition weeks and full time learning begins here! I am so impressed with our class; they have excelled themselves. They have shown great confidence, resilience and positivity as they have worked hard to establish themselves within our school family. It was also lovely to see the Year 6 children buddy with our class this morning – there are some lovely friendships forming.

This weekend sees an unexpected Bank Holiday. I hope you have some quality time together with time to reflect, and to recognise just how precious life is for us all!

On Tuesday, I look forward to seeing you for the Parent briefing at 3pm. This is not just for our new parents; even if you are an established parent within our school community, there is lots of information that will be of use!

On Friday, we will be starting our ‘Show and Tell’ sessions. These are held weekly and a theme is set a week in advance to give you time to prepare. The tasks that are set are simple and fun but encourage your child to think and communicate in front of the class. For next Friday, I am inviting children to draw a picture of their families. This can include anyone (including pets) they would like to talk about. We look forward to finding out more about your family.

In addition, your child has brought home a letter formation sheet to   
practise. This can also be brought in on Friday. Please have fun together with this. It should be seen as a fun task! Your child can use pencils, pens, crayons – any medium they like. Use different colours too. If you are unsure about the direction of the letters, the Mr Pencil PowerPoint can be found on our school website Reception page.

Until next Tuesday, have a really lovely weekend. Stay safe and well. Xx

Mr Gill. :)


This week we have only been here in the mornings but our class family is now altogether!  We hope you liked the class photo shared on dojo!  We have been having great fun exploring our 'Three Little Pigs' story.  We have used the story to inspire our PE learning and we even acted out the fairy tale on our outside stage area!  We are becoming great storytellers and are using amazing vocabulary in our speech already!!  We even used phrases from the story that we have learned by heart.

We hope school is beginning to feel like a second home.  You know where I am if you need any help and support.  I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 20th September at 3pm for a special parents briefing to support home learning and to offer some support and guidance for our school and curriculum.



A huge and warm welcome to all of our new reception children and families!  

We are looking forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our Worlebury School family.

Over the next few weeks, we will learning about school life - where our personal belongings go, personal care, how we work and play together, developing friendships, learning school routines and how to look after our classroom.  We are going to have great fun sharing stories, discussing our hobbies and interests and exploring our class and school environment.

Please feel free to catch me in the playground (usually after school is a quieter time!) to speak with me about your child.  I love to hear what they have been doing at home and what they learn with you!  

You can share examples of their learning at home on Tapestry and I will comment on their diary entry which you can show to your child.  You are also welcome to message me if there is something you need to contact me with or bring to my attention through Class DoJo.  Class DoJo will be an active app that we will share pictures, videos and class stories with you throughout the year.

Rock on Term 1!

Mr Gill.  :)