Rabbits Class - Year 5/6


Mrs. N. Gifford (Rabbits Class Teacher)

Mrs. E. Gould (PPA  Teacher )

Mrs. J. Jones (TA)

Mrs. S. Ely (TA)

Mrs. N. Dunstone (LSA)

 Upper Key Stage Two comprises of years 5 and 6, with year 6 being the final year of primary school; we use cross-curricular projects in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other.  Each project is planned carefully to meet the needs and capabilities of the child.  We aim to develop the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for your child's whole development. We embrace 'Learning Without Limits' where children are not put into boxes but are given the space to grow and to surprise themselves (and us) about what they can achieve.



Term 5&6 Who Were the Ancient Greeks?

Welcome back after the Easter break everyone! We have an exciting two terms ahead of us! Both Year 5 and Year 6 will be involved in dramatic performances, we have our Year 6 Camp as well as lots of amazing learning happening through our new project, 'Who Were the Ancient Greeks?' Please also see the weekly SATs revision links for the Year 6 children in the homework section. Please remember to check the class Dojo page frequently for more information and updates.

Can you find out which Ancient Greek myth this creature is from?


Term 3&4 Change for Life!


We kicked our project off with our WOW day where we became fossil hunters! We had to carefully excavate real fossils (including a genuine dinosaur bone!) and then identify them using a chart. We also located where dinosaur fossils have been found in the UK, using 8 figure grid references and made our very own cast and mould fossil of a shell.





This term we will explore changes in life from evolution to the human life cycle. Our project will be launched on Thursday 11th January with a 'Fossil-Hunters' Wow Day!

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Term 1&2 What Happened in World War II?


We launched our World War II project with a 'Battle of Britain' Wow Day! Rabbits Class enacted the battle in the hall, using mats, milk bottles and play balls and then researched, designed and built a model of one of the planes used in the battle. We are very proud of our planes which are now hanging in class - flying over us! A special guest to our class for the day was our school's Bath & Wells MAT Bear who we have called Flapjack! He really enjoyed his time with us and learnt a lot about WWII and the Battle of Britain!




RABBITS CLASS (Y5/6) 2023-24

September 2023

Welcome to our Rabbits Class page and a brand new school year! The children return on Wednesday September 6th and we are all really looking forward to seeing them again after the holidays!

The first few days back at school will be our induction where we will create class contracts and revisit expectations of learning and behaviour. The week will end with the sharing of our learning with the rest of the school. The following week we will begin our learning project, 'What happened in World War II?' The information pack for learning can be accessed on Class Dojo as well as on the website.

All messages and displays of work will be sent through our ClassDojo system. This is where you can get in contact to ask questions, see children's learning and stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in Rabbits Class and in the school. For external enquiries, please contact the school office via the email on the contact page of this website.

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RABBITS CLASS (Y6) 2022-23


Hooke Court Camp! Term 6

Year 6 really enjoyed their residential to Hooke Court in Dorset! They were able to experience a wealth of activities and displayed bundles of courage, great teamwork, resilience, kindness and  joyful energy - fantastic, Year 6, we are all very proud of you!






 People of the Rainforest Wow Day! Term 5

This term's project was kicked off by researching the Ancient Maya Civilisation and exploring their beliefs and traditions. We found out that the Ancient Maya made masks for different reasons and from different materials. We made our own Maya masks and created war and event tribal dances. We designed and then created a mask of our choice: battle masks (to frighten the enemy!), event masks (inspired by animals) or death masks (to protect us in the afterlife - symbolising our souls).





Science Week Term 4 

During Science Week we explored all different kinds of connections that happen in our bodies. We focussed in on the human heart and created a real-life working model of how the heart works. We also created PowerPoints and Information Posters to explain the process. As part of our English work, we also wrote scientific explanation texts about our circulatory system. We are now experts about the workings of our hearts and the journey of blood in our bodies!



 Change for Life! Wow Day Term 3

We became fossil hunters for the day to launch our 'Change for Life!' project this term. This included making mould and cast shell fossils, finding the location of dinosaur fossils in the UK and carefully uncovering real fossils to identify!


WWII Project Wow Day! Term 2








Greek Gods Wow Day! Term 1







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