Dormice Class - Year 1


Mr Tran (Dormice Class Teacher)

Mrs Bamford (PPA Teacher)

Mrs Baker (TA Mon & Fri)

Mrs Cartwright (TA Tues & Weds)

Mrs Winfield (TA Thurs)

Year One is the first year in Key Stage One. The children's education is planned using the National Curriculum via our Creative Curriculum. We use cross-curricular learning themes in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other.  Each learning theme is planned carefully to meet the needs and capabilities of the child.  We aim to develop knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for the child's whole development.


Start of the day: 8.45am                                 End of the day: 3.15pm 

Term Three for children starts: Monday 8th January 2024

Inset days: Thursday 4th and Friday 5th January 2024

End of Term Three: Friday 9th February 2024


Dormice Class Information SheetClass Information 23 24Term One Curriculum Information Amazing Animals Term 1

Term One Knowledge Organiser:

Amazing Animals Knowledge Organiser

Term Two Curriculum Information:

Historically Royal Term 2

Term Two Knowledge Organiser:

Historically Royal Knowledge Organiser

Term Three Curriculum Information:

China and Us Term 3

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China and Us Knowledge Organiser

Term Four Curriculum Information:

Amazing Animals 2 Term 4

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Amazing Animals 2 Knowledge Organiser

Term Five Curriculum Information:

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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How Does Your Garden Grow Knowledge Organiser

Term Six Curriculum:

A Jolly Victorian Holiday

Term Six Knowledge Organiser:

A Jolly Victorian Holiday Knowledge Organiser


Term 1 and 2 Optional Home Learning Grid
Optional Home Learning Terms 1 & 2

Term 1 and 2 Project Home Learning

Term 3 and 4 Optional Home Learning Grid

Term 3 and 4 Project Home Learning

Term 5 and 6 Optional Home Learning Grid

Term 5 and 6 Project Home Learning


Reading 5 x week





  • Phonics Play
  • Phonics Bloom
  • Numbots 



Term 6

For our final term this year, we are firing up the flux capacitor and heading back to the Victorian times! While we are there we will be taking a break and heading down to the seaside to find out how the seaside became the place to be for Victorians and for us now. Keep checking back to see what we find out!


Term 5

Spring is in the air and to celebrate, this term, we will be focusing on all things plant related in our 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' topic! Keep checking back to see how we get on!

We have tried our hand at planting all sorts of plants as part of our Science Fair Investigation to determine which would grow the quickest: poppies, mint, basil, tomatoes, pansies or sunflowers!

Term 4

This term, we are revisiting 'Amazing Animals' and will be going deeper in our understanding of the incredible variety of animals that live on our planet. We will be identifying vertebrates and comparing their characteristics, looking at their diets and take a look at the human body. We will also be going to Court Farm to experience life on a working farm, get close-up and personal to some farmyard animals and go on a tractor ride! 

Trip to Court Farm

We Had a fab time at Court Farm learning all about the animals that live and work on the farm.


Term 3

Happy New Year! As we celebrate the beginning of a new calendar year, we will start to learn about another new year celebration that is celebrated by over a billion people in the world; Chinese New Year! This year, it is the Year of the Dragon and the New Year celebrations begin on Saturday 10th February. We will be learning all about the festival, the origins of the Chinese Zodiac as well as The Story of Nian. Keep checking our Class Dojo for updates on our exciting learning!


Term 1 and 2

Welcome to our Dormice Class page and a brand new school year! The children return on Wednesday September 6th and we are all really looking forward to seeing them again after the holidays!

The first few days back at school will be our induction where we will create class contracts and revisit expectations of learning and behaviour. The week will end with the sharing of our learning with the rest of the school. The following week we will begin our learning project, 'Amazing Animals' The information pack for learning can be accessed on Class Dojo as well as on the website.

All messages and displays of work will be sent through our ClassDojo system. This is where you can get in contact to ask questions, see children's learning and stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in Dormice Class and in the school. For external enquiries, please contact the school office via the email on the contact page of this website.


2022 - 2023

Term 6 A Jolly Victorian Holiday

This term we will be learning about the Victorian era and in particular their obsession with seaside holidays and we will be focusing our main attention on sunny Weston-Super-Mare! Keep checking back to find out what we discover! 

Term 5 How Does Your Garden Grow?

We explored our local woods to help us when identifying plants, flowers and trees. It was great to get some hands-on experiences and experience the woods first-hand. We did some colour-matching activities as well as find mini matchbox treasures!


Term 4 Historically Royal

This term we delved into the fascinating world of The Royal Family. We looked back at previous monarchs and their achievements, discovered the role they play and made our own crowns! 



Term 3 China and Us

Chinese New Year Wow Day

We celebrated The Year of the Rabbit with lots of craft, artwork and even tried some Chinese food! We even had a Dragon procession around the playground accompanied by Year R, music and cheered on by the rest of the school!


Term 1 &2 Amazing Animals!

Trip to Count Farm

We loved our trip to Court Farm 🐮🐷🐏🐑🐖🐓  We had a fab time learning about animals and life on the farm, meeting some of the local residents, had fun in the play areas and even had a tractor ride 🚜🚜🚜 thank you to all the adult helpers for their support today 👏👏👏



Hello to Year 1!

I hope you are all as well rested as this Dormouse here! Welcome back to school and say hello to Year 1 and our new class name Dormice Class! During our transition week, we will be learning more about the animal that inspired our class name as well as the book The Red Beast. We will also learn about what makes a good class and learner!


Our topic this term is Amazing Animals where we will be discovering the incredible world of animals! More information to follow so keep your eyes peeled and your whiskers preened!

Mr Tran




Term 6

This Term our topic is 'A Jolly Victorian Holiday' We will be focusing our learning on the key questions: Who were the Victorians? Where did they like to go on holiday and why? How did the Victorians travel to their holiday? What did the Victorians wear/do at the seaside? 

The children will experience what a Victorian holiday was like in terms of the entertainment through experiencing a traditional Punch and Judy show before designing and making their own puppets and putting on a show.

Term 5

This Term our topic is 'How does your Garden Grow?' We will be focusing our learning on Plants: identifying the parts of a plant and briefly discussing their function, as well as planting our own sunflowers and observing what happens to plants when all the conditions they need to grow and thrive are not met. 

Term 4

This term our topic is 'Historically Royal'. We will be exploring changes have occurred within living memory of our lives and the lives of our parents & grand-parents during Queen Elizabeth's reign. We will focus on how toys, technology, everyday life, music, entertainment and leisure has changed for children through the decades. Please find attached our curriculum map for this term.


Who are the Royal Family?

This week we have been exploring who the Royal Family are and how they are related by completing a Family tree for them. The children also generated some questions that they wish to find out about the Royal Family during our topic including: Do they have any pets? Are they rich? What clothes do they wear? What is The Queen's favourite colour?

Chinese New Year


We had a brilliant day in Year 1 celebrating Chinese New Year. We have written Chinese good luck messages and made beautiful fireworks pictures. We also made incredible tiger masks for our tiger dances! We had prawn crackers for our snack that were a hit! To end the day we had a viewing of our firework pictures and learned how the tiger got its stripes!

Making Spring Rolls

We have had a brilliant day making and tasting our vegetable spring rolls as part of our instructions writing unit. We were so proud of the children for trying so many different new flavours today. We are looking forward to writing our recipes to bring home to try.




Term 3 'China and Us'

Welcome back to Term 3! Our topic for this term is 'China and Us' where we will be comparing life in the UK to life in China including how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Please find attached our curriculum map for this term.


Terms 1 & 2 Amazing Animals

The project learning for term one is, 'Amazing Animals!' 

All messages and displays of work will be sent through our ClassDojo system. This is where you can get in contact to ask questions, see children's learning and stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in Year 1 and in the school.



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