Year R

Welcome to Year R


Mr. R. Gill (YR Class Teacher)



Mrs N. Dunstone (LSA)

Mrs. E. Baratt


At Worlebury we strongly believe that Early Years education is the foundation upon which young children build the rest of their schooling. It is a holistic education that encompasses all learning and development. This is the purpose, nature and management of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Worlebury Primary School.  EYFS is available to children who enter school from September of the academic year in which they will turn five years old. These children are in the final year of the EYFS. In the National Curriculum this is referred to as the Reception Year, or YR. To read the full policy please look at Policies under Key Information

The Reception children at Worlebury have a fenced off area from the main playground which forms part of their 'outdoor learning environment'. They have access to this area throughout the day. For more information on the Reception Curriculum, please visit our Curriculum page under Key Information.





 If you have any skills (including hobbies and interests) that you think may be of help to our class, please inform Mr Gill!  We are always looking for experts to come in and talk to our children.  ANY contributions are always greatly appreciated throughout our school!


Additionally, if you are able to spare some time to help with reading in our class, please come and speak with Mr. Gill!


Many thanks! 













July and August 2020

As you will be aware, our school is committed to continuing to provide resources over the Summer period should you wish to continue to engage with learning from home.

In Reception, the Early Years curriculum differs from the National Curriculum.  Therefore, to support you in selecting the most appropriate activities and websites for home learning, I have created a 'Summer optional learning grid' which contains links to a range of interactive and engaging resources.

For Numeracy and Literacy, the links provide guided sessions that you can follow at your own pace.  Whilst we are suggesting around 2 sessions of learning per week in these subjects, you may choose to engage as much or little as you choose around your home and social commitments.

Please continue to encourage your child to read for pleasure and engaging in Phonics Play activities will enable your child to return to school in September really confident to 'hit the ground running'!

We wish you all a lovely break together and look forward to seeing you in September.

June and July 2020

WC 13.7.20

As the Summer term comes to an end, our focus is on transitioning into Year 1 and I thank all of the children both at home and school who have been engaging in activities that will help to make this a positive and exciting time.  For those who continue to engage in home learning, I am really excited to present our final week of planning whereby your child will be thinking about transition.  The work will enable you to discuss what is exciting your child and to raise any concerns or worries that your child may be experiencing at this time.  I have enjoyed Zooming with you to discuss transition, but should your child need some extra support, please let me know and I will arrange a 1-1 interactive session with you!

For all of the children returning to school next week, and for those who will be taking part in Friday's 'Tea Party' and games - I very much look forward to seeing you there!

Have a lovely weekend.  Stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Mr Gill.  X


WC 29.6.20

As another week begins, I must tell you how fantastic the learning in school and at home has been.  It has been great 'Zooming' with children at home and I really enjoyed our shape workshop last week!  Thank you all for bringing playdough to the session - please remember this for Thursday, too!  I have also been working closely with Mrs. Mantegna to find out how children at school have been progressing!  I am really proud of all your achievements and we are looking forward to, hopefully, all re-uniting in the next academic year!

Please remember that I am here should you need to contact me on the email address.

Keep up with the excellent work and I look forward to finding out how you progress over the next week!

Best Wishes,

Mr. Gill.  :)



WC 22.6.20

Congratulations all on another week of exceptional home learning.  I am really impressed with how many of you are accessing Bug Club for your reading, playing Numbots, accessing phonics activities, exploring number practically and writing such wonderful story recounts of our text 'Back to Earth with a Bump'.  All of these skills are really going to support you going forward - it is really exciting!

Just a reminder that next Thursday, you will need to bring with you some playdough to our Zoom session if you are learning from home.  We will be using it to do a fun activity together.

Thank you for continuing to check in with me on Friday's.  It's really helpful to see how you are getting on and progressing.  You know that I am on the end of an email should you need to discuss anything with me.

My very best wishes to you all.

Mr. Gill.  :)



WC 15.6.20

I must congratulate you all on your wonderful work on 'Back to Earth with a Bump!'  I have seen such wonderful small world craft and you all seem to tell me that you love the story!  I agree - I think it's fab and, as you will see for next week's planning, the fun continues with this story.

Well done for all of your hard work and I hope you have as much fun with the activities this week.  Keep the reading and phonics going - activities are listed at the end of the planning that will help you to have fun with your learning.  Remember to keep logging into 'Bug Club' and use this for your reading materials!  These books will really prepare you for Year 1.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Best Wishes,

Mr. Gill.



WC 8.6.20

Who turned off the sun!?  A little rain is welcome but hopefully, more dry spells will come soon so that we can continue to learn and play in the outdoor learning environment.

It's been another great week of home-learning and, as always, you continue to excel yourselves with the wonderfully imaginative and creative learning undertaken at home.  It seems that the computing tasks were a real hit - we will be coming back to more of this WC 15th!

I am aware that a small number of children will be returning to school on Monday and we certainly look forward to welcoming you back!  However, if your child is continuing to learn from home, then the planning for WC 8.6.20 is now ready for download.

The planning I have adapted for home learning largely mirrors many of the experiences your child would have had at school - so please keep engaging with the schedule I have proposed but I understand that there may be times where you will need to adapt this around work commitments and family needs - that is fine!

Keep recapping Phase 4 phonics on Phonics Play.  Focus on the sounds 'air', 'ear', 'ir', 'ng', 'ai', 'igh' and 'oa'.  These are often the sounds that require the most consolidation and will really help your child when applying phonics within their writing.  Parents, you are doing a wonderful job supporting writing and are allowing your children to write with more independence and editing the work afterwards so that they can make improvements!  This is fab.  Please contact me, as many of you have been, should you require any tips or assistance.  They key thing is to engage in learning for a max of 20 min periods with lots of breaks and make the activities fun.  Hopefully, these opportunities come though from the planning!

BUG CLUB is now the preferred choice for accessing appropriate level books for your child in line with our school reading scheme.  Planning this week offers the chance to go and explore the website together.  There are lots of fun games and activities to have a go at and your child can earn coins to help configure their account with interesting things.  Your child can also undertake some of the comprehension activities to make the reading experience even more fun!  Bug Club is more than just going online to read a book!!

Finally, I am planning a Zoom meeting next week for those who are learning from home.  A parent mail will be sent out in due course to confirm dates and times.

Once again, I thank you for your continued support, kind words and wishes.  As I am now also planning home learning and responding to emails for Years 1 and 2 and hosting daily Zoom meetings with each class so please forgive me if my individual responses are not as prompt as before.  I promise, I will reply and get back to you at my very earliest convenience.

Have a lovely week ahead!!

Mr. Gill.  :) x



WC 1.6.20

So June is here and the beautiful sunshine continues to smile on us all.  I hope you have had a lovely half term break and were able to enjoy some of the lovely weather.  A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who posted so many of your lovely activities on Tapestry over the past week.  It has been really great to see what you have been up to!

Planning for WC 1.6.20 is now uploaded in the orange resources box.  I hope you will continue to enjoy the activities that are devised for your child. 

Thank you, as ever, for your continued support at such a challenging time for us all.

My thoughts, wishes and good health is sent to you all.

Many thanks,

Mr. Gill.


Hi all!  Term 5 has officially come to an end and, again, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work in the teaching and learning that has taken place at home.  It has been a challenging time for us all, but together, we have found ways in which to continue your child’s education remotely.  Thank you for all of the positive feedback regarding planning and for embracing the work that has been set.  As I mentioned before, the planning has been carefully tailored to support the wider aspects of the Early Years curriculum whilst embedding the ‘bread and butter’ of the core subjects.  Many of you have adapted my planning to suit, and cater for, the needs of your children around work and other commitments at home; this is great!  All children have, under your supervision, continued to engage in work, games and activities that will continue to prepare them for Year 1. 

Whilst your child has missed time in school, the evidence you have demonstrated through Tapestry has enabled me to keep track of your child’s progress.  Many of you have added comments about how independently your child has been working and their accomplishments.  This continues to be really helpful and gives me a true reflection of their wider learning – including social and emotional developments, physical development and how they are interacting (often digitally) with others to build relationships with friends, family and members of the community.  Despite the interruptions to our school routines, we continue to be well placed to transition to Year 1.  Over the course of next term, I will be working very closely with your new class teacher to ensure they are able to ‘hit the ground running’ when the Year 1 adventures begin!

It has been lovely being able to meet up and keep in contact via our Zoom check-in’s.  Thank you all for the lovely surprise for Teacher’s Day.  You put so much time and effort into your lovely posters and I was truly humbled.  What a lucky teacher I am to have such a thoughtful and loving class of children!

Over half term, no planning will be set.  You may decide to continue to engage in some of the activities that have been set over the previous weeks and to continue with reading.  I am going to remain available next week should you need to contact me for any reason and you can do this via the Year R email account.

I hope the weather continues to remain sunny and bright for the week ahead and, whatever you have planned, please stay safe and well.

My very sincere wishes to you all.

 Mr. Gill.


Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Zoom reunion online.  It was so lovely to meet up with you all and get a chance to find out what you have been up to!  Thank you to all of the parents who made this possible.  It really helped to reconnect our class back together again.  I am looking forward to seeing you all again next Thursday at the same time.  In line with next week's planning (now available for download) you may wish to use the design and model of your Hansel and Gretel house for your 'show and tell', but it's up to you what you choose to share.

I thank you once again for your continued support and look forward to hearing from you on Tapestry throughout the week.  I wish you a lovely week ahead!

Best wishes,

Mr. Gill.  :)



The weather remains to be very kind to us all which is a great help at this time of 'lockdown'.  Many of you are exploring your gardens and planting exciting plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables!  Very well done!

Sooty and Sweep were delighted to receive your many letters as you can see in the video!  Thank you for taking the time to write them.  They really were wonderful and a credit to all of the hard work you have been doing at home.  

Thank you for continuing to engage in the work that is set each week.  As I have said before, the planning is strategically set to consolidate our class-based learning, to prepare for Year 1 and to ensure an extensive coverage of the Early Years curriculum.

Please continue to check in EVERY FRIDAY to document reading frequency and to update how your child is coping with their change to routine.

Whatever you are planning this weekend, I hope you have an enjoyable time together.

My warmest wishes,

Mr Gill.

Congratulations on another successful week of learning!  I have been inundated with floods of fantastic learning on Tapestry and I thank you all, most sincerely, for your continued commitment and support at this time!  Your children are continuing to engage in lots of creative learning and activities that are preparing them to transition into Year 1.

Thank you also to all of the parents who continue to check-in on Friday's with me!  Please continue to do this!  It helps me to gauge how your child is managing under the current challenging circumstances.

Next week's planning is now available in the download section.  It has a greater emphasis on writing this week and will help your child to invent, plan and write their own narrative over the course of the week.  At the bottom of the planning are additional activities that you can 'tap' into at your leisure over the course of the week.  (The planning file is a PDF to help those who were finding that their versions of MS Word was not compatible!) 

Next week, Sooty, Sweep and myself will be meeting to read the letters your children have kindly written to them.  We will be filming this on Monday; so if you are still to upload your child's letter, please do so over the weekend for your child's letter to be included in the video.

As ever, I wish you all well and I look forward to hearing from you over the course of the week ahead!

Best Wishes from all of the EYFS Team!!!!  :) 

April 2020



Well, the sunshine is still holding out and this is certainly helping my positive spirit at this time.  I hope you will agree!  I am genuinely taken back in how all parents are continuing to positively engage and support us with home learning at such a challenging time; thank you.  The countless Tapestry observations, photo's, videos and emails are testament to how your children enjoy learning, their love for life and how happy they are at home with their lovely families.  Thank you also for all of your positive feedback regarding school support.  We are really working hard behind the scenes to ensure that you are supported as much as possible at this time.

Next week's learning is now available from the download area.  You will have received my email regarding the free online phonics workshops.  To access this free resource, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel 'Letters and Sounds for home and school'.  This workshop will be available from Monday.  For Reception children, access the 10am sessions for Phases 3 and 4.  

If you haven't seen Sooty and Sweep in action with their Phase 3 phonics yet, you can also access this from the download area (orange box above).

I wish you all a great week ahead!

Kind regards,

Mr Gill, Sooty and Sweep!



17th April 2020.

Hello and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your Easter.  I have had some lovely videos and examples of Easter learning from your children and I thank you very much for sharing them with me!  Thank you also for the lovely comments I have had about the online story videos; especially the most recent story with the help of Sooty!  Hopefully, he will be less tired for the next instalment!  :)

Over the next few weeks, I will be making some phonics videos with the help of Sooty and Sweep.  Due to internet challenges regarding upload speed, I will simply send out a parent mail when each video is on the website to save you having to keep looking out for them!  The videos will revisit previously taught sounds, introduce the final sounds for Phase 3, look at 'Alien' words and also 'red' words.  Different videos may have a different focus.  You can use these videos to work through the sounds with your child.

Planning for WC 20th April has been uploaded.  As ever, work at your own pace around your own family needs.  The work I set is strategically planned to cover various aspect of the Early Years curriculum and will continue to challenge and engage your child in a way that they can be supported at home!  I really do thank you for your continued support in the challenging climate we all currently face and you really are supporting your children brilliantly!!

Please remember that I am here for you.  I check my emails daily and am able to respond to your queries.  I have already checked in with some families by phone and will continue to do so over the next few weeks if I have not made direct contact yet.  Unfortunately, I have to be within the school setting to make home calls.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK IN WITH ME ON A FRIDAY!  It is very important that we keep in touch to ensure your child and family's wellbeing at this uncertain time.

Please pass on my thoughts and wishes to your child; they are all very much in my thoughts and I am very much looking forward, like you, to returning to some degree of normality soon.

Warm wishes,

Mr Gill.



3rd April 2020

 Dear all,

Once again, congratulations on another exceptional week of home learning.  You have accomplished such incredible things and I have been privileged to have seen so many inspired examples of work; including videos and audio clips!  For many, home life is exceptionally challenging right now and, as I have said before, balancing home, work, children and the current climate is difficult for us all.  Thank you most sincerely for your ongoing support in educating from home.

You will have received a parent mail from school regarding work over the two-week Easter period.  It is very important that, where possible, you and your family are able to ‘down tools’ wherever possible; therefore, I will not be planning any formalised learning over the next two weeks.  However, for some, engaging in activities may be useful over the next couple of weeks so there is some focus and structure for your child whilst at home.  Therefore, in the orange ‘resources’ box above, I have included an ‘Easter Activities’ sheet with some ideas you may wish to consider.  Should you choose to continue with any of the work I have set over the past couple of weeks, engage in reading books, practise reading and spelling ‘red’ words, continue the Numberbots adventures or writing some interesting stories, please feel free to do so.  Obviously, much of the work you submit can be used for evidence but, more importantly, I love to see what amazing things your child has been up to!!  If you do update Tapestry, please remember to mention in your comments the level of support given to your child as this helps to inform my assessments. 

Many of you have found accessing the ‘Oxford Owl’ website really useful for being able to find appropriate reading books for your child!  This is really helpful as we are obviously not in a position to provide books to you directly.  Thank you for engaging with this.

Thank you also for your positive feedback regarding the online story I read.  I will continue to upload a story each Sunday (although, with Sand Bay internet speeds, it took an impressive 2.5 hours to upload a 3 minute video clip to YouTube!  ‘War and Peace’ will have to wait I think!).  A link will be placed on the website as usual. 

If you have not made contact with me yet by email this week, please could I kindly ask you to check-in ASAP.  As well as keeping informed on your child’s reading and general progress, it is also an opportunity to touch base and check wellbeing for you and your child.

Should you need to contact me for any reason over Easter, please email me at I will be checking my emails regularly along with Tapestry.  I will respond at my earliest convenience.

I hope you have as best an Easter break as you can under the circumstances and my warmest of wishes are sent to you and all of your families!

Keep well and stay safe.

Mr Gill.  :) 

February and March 2020

Sunday 29th March, 2020.

Hi all!

If you are anything like me, you will have spent this first week establishing new routines and coming to terms with a modified approach to living and working at home.  I hope that you have found many positives from this.

I really cannot thank you enough for all of the incredible examples and snapshots of learning that you have been sharing!  There are so many examples of children doing amazing work at home; including cookery, construction, role-play and inventing stories.  I know how challenging it is to balance your own work lives with running a home and educating your children.  Thank you for your incredible support in such difficult times!

As mentioned before, I am often able to use the evidence you provide for assessments.  Therefore, it is exceptionally helpful when you add comments to explain what your child has done, how they did it (including resources used) and the level of support given.  Tapestry is perfect for this, but comments can also be added on ‘seesaw’ too.  Next week, I will not be adding any new ‘seesaw’ activities; these will be set bi-weekly.  This will help to ensure that our child is not overwhelmed with tasks and you have more time to complete the current interactive ‘seesaw’ activities.  Many parents have engaged with both of these platforms (Tapestry and seesaw) and I have, so far, received nothing but positive comments about these resources.  Thank you.  I am trying very hard to respond to every piece of work that your child completes as I know this can really help with motivation.  I hope it is helpful.

If you have not yet submitted any evidence of learning, please remember that I am here to help and support you.  You can reach me at: and if we need to communicate over the phone, I would be more than willing to make this happen.  If you still have not provided me with an email address for accessing tapestry, you can use the email address above to send this to me so that I can create your account!

As previously discussed, please can I ask that all parents email me each Friday to check in with me to confirm that all is well and reading frequency this week so that I can add it to my weekly log.  If you have not done this for this week, please email me at your earliest convenience.

Planning for WC Monday 30.3.20 is now available in the orange ‘resources’ box above.  Again, I have tried to keep resourcing to a minimum.  I have also attached a video of me reading a story which I hope your child will enjoy.  I will upload a new one each week.

As always, my best wishes to you and your families for a healthy week ahead.

Mr. Gill.  XX



Hi all.

As promised, I am updating our class webpage so that you have activities that will keep your child engaged in their learning while off school.  The planning aims to consolidate learning and ensure, where possible, resourcing is kept to a minimum for obvious reasons. 

You will find the weekly planning in the orange section where resources can be found.  Should you need to contact me directly, you can do so by emailing me at:

Please be patient for responses.  Your emails and queries will be read and responded to as quickly as possible in light of the current situation.

I am asking that ALL parents ‘touch base’ on each Friday to share how often your child has read over the week and to share any celebrations and achievements.  Your child has been given additional books to support reading at home but feel free to read your own books from home.  Please remember that ‘Tapestry’ is your best way to share examples of your child’s learning and achievements.  Tapestry is not designed to be used as a communication/email system so, should you need to ask a question, I refer you back to the email address above; I am unable to reply through observations.  If you have not yet signed up for the account, please email me on the above address with your own email address and I will create your account.

I will not generally be issuing new learning for obvious reasons, however, I will be including some new phonics sounds over the forthcoming weeks.  We will only focus on one sound per week, so there will be plenty of opportunity to consolidate these along with the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds.

Each week, planning will include lots of different activities that are short, simple, engaging and consolidative to ensure your child continues to embed learning into the long term memory.

I wish you all good health and look forward to seeing what you have been up to via Tapestry!

My best wishes to you and your families!

Mr. Gill. XX

Further to the additional resources I have added to our website, I have now placed a link for the 'seesaw' webpage.  Your child has been given a cover page with clear instructions and specific IR code in order to access their accounts at home.

Challenges have been set and can be accessed via the internet or as an app.  Your child already has experience in using the program and will be familiar with the layout.

The website has a 'help' section in order to explain how to use the programme in more detail should you need it.

Please also be advised that 'twinkl' is providing lots of free resources which you can directly access in order to support learning at home.  This link has also been added in the resources section of this web page.

Many thanks,

Mr. Gill  :) 



Added to our website is a link to our Numberbots and Jungle Number bonds activities.

To access the Numberbots website, simply type in the name of our School (Worebury St. Paul's Primary School).  The username and password is your child's first name and the first letter of their surname - all lower case.  This is an excellent resource that your child can access at any time.  It it tailored to their own needs and progresses at your child's pace.  Your child may need initial support when accessing a new task until they understand the process.  Feel free to use drawings and resources such as counters to help with number.



Thank you for signing up to Tapestry.  We have already enjoyed looking at some of your amazing home learning and shared these as a class.  Keep sending in examples of your learning and play at home.  They make for great conversations in class!



January 2020

Chinese New Year certainly hasn't passed us by!  In class we have been busy learning about the Zodiac and the Year of the Rat.  We investigated the history behind how the Jade Emperor created the 12 year cycle and then we did some work to celebrate this.  We baked our own fortune cookies and wrote messages inside to share, we explored textures and materials as we created rice pictures of the Rat and Dragons and we even create our own 'Great Wall of China' outside as we thought about measure.  Finally, we created our own versions of dragons using 2D shapes.  Come in and explore some our work on display!

A very Happy New Year and welcome back to our Spring term of learning with the theme of 'Q is for Question'.  This term we will be asking lots of questions about the world in which we live and information for our learning journey can be found by clicking on the link to our curriculum map (a copy of which has been sent home).

Already, changes have taken place in class and, on entry to the classroom, you will see our own 'Worlebury's' supermarket shop.  The children have been busy organising foods, pricing, writing shopping lists and working with money - we even sell milk and fruit at break-time which the children purchase by counting out their coins.  Our 'helping hands' act as excellent queue busters at the till!

We are currently learning the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.  Stand back and await some fantastic examples of our learning in class.  It is not to be missed!!


As part of our learning of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', we have been making porridge in the kitchen and talking about healthy eating.  We have also used our puppet theatre to re-tell the story and this has inspired our choice for writing!

Today we celebrated Christingle in class!  We thought about Advent and how Christingle represents Jesus's light of life, love and hope for us all.  We researched Christingle and created our own Christingle oranges using ribbon, sweets, cocktail sticks and candles.  Did you know that each cocktail stick represents the four seasons?  We sang hymns, Christmas songs and said a prayer of thanks.  Feel free to come in and look at our Christingle display!

November, 2019

What an incredible trip to Weston Woods today!  Thank you to all of the parents who came and offered their time and help.  The children certainly enjoyed the challenges of matching leaves to the names of trees, investigating mini-beasts and wildlife and even taking inspiration from artist Andy Goldsworthy to create their own Autumn art using a range of natural materials.  We hope you will enjoy looking at a wide range of our work.  Please come in to class and look at our displays.  Can your use it to talk you through our excursion?


With the new term in full swing, we have been trying to satisfy the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' who keeps setting new challenges for our class.  Having enjoyed a visit from 'Compass Group', we explored 'Healthy Eating' by using fruit and vegetable to create our own caterpillars.  We enjoyed tasting new foods - some of which we had never had before and thought about why these food groups are important for living healthy lives.  But the fun has not stopped there!  We have also been busy building cocoons in out outdoor play, sequencing patterns for the caterpillar's relatives, creating displays, printing leaves for the caterpillar to eat, added together fruit the caterpillar has lost in number sentence learning and even performed the story to each other in class!  Have a look at us in action...

October, 2019

Weeks 4-6

These weeks have flown past, and we have had amazing fun with our learning!  In addition to creating a life-size 'cellar' and environment for our 'Funnybones' role play area, we have also...made moving skeleton characters, skeleton gingerbread cookies, a 'town' from junk modelling, sequence of the story using different materials, learned learned and performed the opening sequence to the story and even created a giant Funnybones character using tissue paper.  You are very welcome to come in any time after school to see our work!!!

In addition to all of this, the children have performed their Reception and KS1 Harvest service.  We were so proud of the fact that so many children chose to perform a sentence about their learning AND learn their words by heart!  The giant 'scarecrow' was also an amazing addition to the service!  Thank you once again for you kind and generous donations towards the food bank.

If you have not yet signed up for parent's evening, please do so.  I am very much looking forward to catching up with you and discussing your child's successes!

Thank you for your ongoing support at home with reading, blending words activities and letter formation tasks.  The children are very positive about these activities and are taking great pride as they are noticing such huge progress in their work!

Enjoy looking at some of our work in class below.....

Mr. Gill.



September, 2019.

Week 2 and 3.

Our class enjoyed a wonderful 'Rockstars Maths' day.  The children looked wonderful.  We explored the number four and looked at different ways to represent numbers and different ways to add them together.  We sang songs ordering numbers forward and backwards playing the air guitar!  Rock on!


The term is underway and I am delighted how well the children are adjusting and adapting to Year R life!  I have really enjoyed getting to know parents and adults over the last couple of weeks.  Thank you to everyone who has offered their services to our school in different capacities.  

As promised, I have attached the PowerPoint of 'Mr. Pencil' and a web link to a video that takes you through the sounds and actions we are learning in class.  They are wonderful resources to support your child at home.  Please remember that I am always here and willing to discuss any concerns and successes that you have.

Many thanks,

Mr. Gill.



Week 1/2

A very warm welcome to Worlebury School and our Early Years Reception Class!  We are very much looking forward to getting to know you and forging close partnerships between home and school.

As we embark on a new and exciting journey together, you may well have lots of questions that arise throughout the transition process.  You are very welcome to come and talk to me at any time at the end of the school day.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will have many opportunities to discuss these together.  On Friday 6th September you are invited to attend a short meeting after school where I will discuss phonics, reading and how you can support your child at home.  If this date is not convenient, I will happily arrange an alternative date.

You will shortly be given a curriculum map to outline our key areas of learning for terms 1 and 2 and a communication booklet to share any important correspondence.  This will help you to feel connected to our school family and informed on our learning themes.  In time, this website will grow with a range of resources you can use at home to support your child at as well as pictures an extracts of learning undertaken in class.  

We look forward to an exciting week ahead!

Mr. Gill.   

We have chick egg is our class!!  Wye Cross Farm has kindly brought in eggs and an incubator for us.  They held a workshop to teach us all about lifecycle and how the eggs develop.  Our expert shone a special light into the eggs to see if they had fertilised.  If you look carefully, you will see the blood vessels in the embryo.  We hope to get around 6-8 chicks from our 14 eggs within the next couple of weeks.