Year R

Welcome to Year R


Mr. R. Gill (YR Class Teacher)

MrsT. Baker (LSA)

Mrs. E. Barret  (HLTA/PPA cover)



At Worlebury we strongly believe that Early Years education is the foundation upon which young children build the rest of their schooling. It is a holistic education that encompasses all learning and development. This is the purpose, nature and management of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Worlebury Primary School.  EYFS is available to children who enter school from September of the academic year in which they will turn five years old. These children are in the final year of the EYFS. In the National Curriculum this is referred to as the Reception Year, or YR. To read the full policy please look at Policies under Key Information

The Reception children at Worlebury have a fenced off area from the main playground which forms part of their 'outdoor learning environment'. They have access to this area throughout the day. For more information on the Reception Curriculum, please visit our Curriculum page under Key Information.






Please share reading books 5 times a week and record your progress in your child's reading log.  We audit all reading logs weekly to support you and your child's development.

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All children have log in details for Numbots.  These are printed on the inside of your child's reading records.

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Weekly 'Show and Tell' home learning is shared weekly through Class DoJo on each Friday during term.



Crocodile Snap Pencil Grip song

Letter Formation PPT

Phonics sounds and actions

Jungle Number Bonds

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Twinkl free resources

Simple Speed Sounds phonics chart


Spring Curriculum Map









Start of the day: 8.50am

End of the day: 3.00pm



Please visit our Class DoJo Reception page which shows all of our

up-to-date stories, photos and videos of learning!!

Please contact Mr Gill if you experience any difficulties logging in!

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Reception Learning Diary



We have had an amazing week! The children have been writing about the lifecycle of a butterfly. While some children have been making dinosaurs out of 2D shapes. Also, we have been entertained by the children performing The Very Hungry Caterpillar in our outside theatre.
The children have been practicing their phonics and applying it in silly sentences using chalk in our outside learning area.
In RE, they have been learning about Judaism and have made the symbol Star of St David out of lolly sticks which are displayed in our classroom.
In numeracy, the children have been learning their teen numbers and have been playing games with the Care Bears matching the correct talking tin to the right number.
In Jigsaw, the children have been chatting about friendships. They partnered with someone they don’t normally work with and had to find out two interesting facts about each other. Also, they shared what they like in a friend and they mostly said someone that is kind and caring.
For fitness, the children have participated in jogging around the playground for the daily mile and did Cosmic Yoga in the Jungle.
Show and Tell has been very interesting with different animals the children liked the best and they were able to say why they liked that particular animal.
To end our day, the children enjoyed watching David Attenborough Wildlife on One seeing different animals in their habitats.
Please keep sending your home learning and hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday 😁



It has been a very busy week! The children have enjoyed playing in their new role play area Living the Wild Life. They’ve been playing memory games and snakes and ladders. Also, the children have been enjoying listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar and starting to act out the story with the puppets.
The children have been exploring footprints in the sand that dinosaurs make and if wet sand makes any difference to dry sand! Also, they have enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs and making up their own dinosaur stories in their play.
They have also been very artistic making art symmetry by painting one side of their butterfly and then folding it in half. The children have made some very colourful butterflies.
The children have been finding the missing number on their caterpillar and found this good fun.
They have enjoyed learning how to play the glockenspiel and started to play the start of Hot Cross Buns.
The children also had a lovely treat this afternoon and watched the Year 3/4 perform their show Lightening Lara which was brilliant.
To finish our day the children shared their interesting facts about an animal that interested them.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and please keep sending your home learning. We will see you on Tuesday. 😁



Wow! What an amazing start to our term. This term is about Living the Wild Life. The children have shared there knowledge about caterpillars and butterflies. They were able to talk about the life cycle of a caterpillar and knew what they need to eat. It’s been an exciting day and the children have shared what animals they would like to learn about. Which we are looking forward to researching. 😁



We have had a very busy week!
The children have enjoyed baking rock cakes and comparing their ingredients what is lightest and what is the heaviest.
Next, the children have been learning the Easter Story through pictures and story telling. The children have enjoyed writing the first part of the story so far.
In phonics, the children have been focusing on th sounds and gaining confidence using this sound.
In numeracy, they are able to discuss what a double is and show what a double looks like on a domino. Please ask your children what is double 1, 2, 3 etc?
In Jigsaw, the children enjoyed listening to a story called Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch. After, we discussed why we don’t eat things that are filthy and learnt about the importance of washing our hands. The children thought it was awful that my hands were dirty and told me I should use soap not just rinse them because of germs!
The children were super excited and tried to catch the snowflakes in the flurry we had yesterday afternoon!
In Show and Tell , the children shared their beautiful pictures of springtime and discussed their learning with the class.
Thank you for sending your home learning and please keep sending. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded and have a lovely weekend. 😁



Baking Rock Cakes 🧁
Today, the children made rock cakes. They have enjoyed comparing ingredients if they are heavier or lighter. They also enjoyed mixing the ingredients and making the mixture into a cakes. After, they were cooked the children enjoyed eating their treat at the end of the day. 😁



Science Day!

What a busy day the children have had today! Mrs Leanne Richards (Thomas’ Mum) came in to class to chat to the children about a family member that works for NASA in Florida. Mrs Richards spoke to the children about the new rocket Artemis 1, 11, 111 which will launch its first rocket in June 2022 on a practice run. It was very interesting to see how the rocket is made and put together and did you know? It takes 11 hours to move the rocket 4 miles once it’s made. Also, Worlebury Primary School’s name will travel to the moon by Artemis and the name will be computerised to go around the moon, this is very exciting!! Thank you Mrs Richards for speaking to our children, they certainly enjoyed it.

This afternoon in the glorious sunshine the children worked with their buddies making different slimes. They had shampoo slime, flour slime, shaving foam slime and glitter slime. The children worked with their buddy making the slimes and had to decide which is the best and which slime is the worse. Once they completed their investigation they all decided flour slime was the best and shampoo slime was the worse because it was so runny. Please find slime recipes in extra photos if you fancy doing this activity at home with your children.
The children had a lovely time experimenting and spending time with their buddies.
Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded and have a lovely weekend. 😎



Social Enterprise 🍩🍩
What a glorious day for our Reception class to hold their enterprise event! The children made posters for hot chocolate, doughnuts and lollies for sale. Next, our lovely parents helped to set up and serve our eager parents and children. The event was a big success and sorry we ran out of doughnuts so quickly!! Once we know how much was raised we will let you know.

Thank you for all of your help making this event a success and for giving your time, it is very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded. ☀️😎



Ellen the Explorer - Drama session
This morning the children participated in a drama session with Ellen the Explorer. She took the children on an adventure in the jungle. The children became slithering snakes, cheeky monkeys, hippo’s, parrots, elephants, crocodiles and lions having different actions to represent each animal. They even pretended to pack their backpacks for the trip and all got in their vehicles to start the adventure. As you can imagine the children had an amazing adventure seeing the animals and taking pictures! They certainly, had a great time and all returned safely!
Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded 😀



Making Rockets 🚀
Today, the children have been busy designing their rockets. They took to the task with excitement and enthusiasm! They were busy drawing adding boosters, windows and vibrant colours. Certainly, we have very talented children.
Next, with all your kind donations of recycling the children selected their resources and started constructing their rockets using their designs.
Later, the children wrote a sentence about their rockets. The children have been very creative and had a fun day. We hope you enjoyed looking at your children’s learning outside the classroom this afternoon. Please find photos attached 😀



Red Nose Day

The children have had a fun day celebrating Red Nose Day! They joined in with Cosmic Yoga special for Red Nose Day. Certainly, enjoyed pretending to be different animals and a power treasure chest! Next, they participated in a colouring competition and the children voted for the picture they liked the best. We have even had lots of laughs with the excellent jokes being told 🤣. After, they went outside to design their own noses using the chalks and to finish the day they had an Alien Tea Party. It has been a very enjoyable day. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded. 😀



What a busy week the children have had!
The children have been working on their story maps to Jack and the Beanstalk and are able to verbalise their maps independently. They also shared their story with their Year 6 buddy. Also, they have been very creative building the giants castle and some of them had very high turrets!
The children have also attempted an assault course which required the children to jump, balance a quoit on their head, balance along the planks, weave in and out, jump off a block and then run on the spot for 3 seconds as fast as they could. After, they had to feel their heart and talk about why it is beating faster and why it’s important to keep our heart healthy.
The children learnt about the life cycle of a frog 🐸 and enjoyed watching Come Outside which focused on the life cycle of a frog. After, the children drew pictures to show the life cycle.
To end our week the children enjoyed showing their Show and Tell of the planets they have made or drawn.
Also, the children have been decorating the rocket in our classroom using the water paints.
Thank you for all your home learning and please keep sending. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded and have a lovely weekend. 😀



What a fabulous start of the term, the children have been extremely busy exploring inside and outside. On top of that they enjoyed World Book Day and today they were learning about what is sport and why is it good for us. The children were able to explain for example; how their heart beats faster when they exercise and doing sport is good for us as it keeps us healthy.
The children were miming a sport they enjoyed doing and we had to guess what it was. After, they drew a picture and labelled their favourite sport.

The children are learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They enjoyed listening to the story and after, they made their puppets for the story. Next, they worked in pairs using their puppets to retell the story to their partner. They certainly were having fun!

Next, they explored Numbots and enjoyed challenging themselves to the tasks and gaining confidence in using the app.

Show and Tell was amazing and the children showed great creative skills inventing their aliens and spoke so confidently about their alien. All of the children enjoyed listening and looking at each other’s aliens!

Thank you for all the home learning and please keep sending. Hope you all enjoy the photos uploaded and have a love weekend. See you all on Monday 😀



World Book Day

Today, has been an exciting day for the children. They have certainly enjoyed wearing their PJ’s and curled up with their favourite book. The children each took turns sharing their book and discussed what their book is all about. Next, the children drew a picture of their book and wrote the title of their book independently. After lunch, the children got the opportunity to share their book with their Year 6 buddy and vice versa. Reception have enjoyed having lots of different types of stories read to them and visual stories to listen to. Please check out the uploaded photos.



Our new learning theme has kicked off in true style and children have already enjoyed exploring our outdoor learning adventure area with the theme ’To infinity and beyond’.

We have already been exploring the material of clay in more detail and have created and invented our own alien creatures using a wide range of tools and approaches to moulding the clay.

Children have been dressing up and role-playing lots of different characters from a new class text ‘Man on the moon’. We have also enjoyed exploring the story with Biff and Chip called ‘The red planet’ in our class shared read.

We have also been using our learning of plants and trees and ‘understanding the world’ to explore the seasons of the year and today children have created their own seasonal posters to share their ideas about what makes each season special.

We then went outside and explored the outdoor learning environment as we looked at different plants flowers trees and berries using scientific tools such as magnifying glasses to look at these and details.

We shared our learning together as a class and used our photos to think deeper about our findings. Finally we used our knowledge and skills of art and craft to create our own flowers. We made these 3-D by adding tissue paper on chosen parts of our design.

Tomorrow we look forward to world book day. We hope you enjoy the pictures.



Today, the children made pancakes. We had a lovely time cooking and the children were very excited! They were able to independently spoon out their flour, crack eggs, mix the egg and milk together and then mix the flour with the egg/ milk mixture to make the batter. After, I cooked the pancakes for the children and they decided what topping they wanted on their pancakes. It seems chocolate sauce was the favourite! They certainly enjoyed eating them up! Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



What an exciting week the children had! Not only did the eggs hatch, the children had the opportunity to have a cuddle with these fluffy chicks as well. The children were each asked what they wanted to name our chicks and the names were pulled out of a basket. The names pulled were Fluffy, Mary, Lucky and Daisy. During the week, the children had to take a journey into the future and were visualising what job they might be doing. Some of the children were Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctors, Teachers and Rock Stars! All children arrived back safely to present time!!
Also, the children have been using their listening skills to write the phonic sounds they hear and even did beautiful cursive letters in the playground.
We have also been exploring making 3 and 4 using part, part, whole using multilink cubes.
The children have also been using their ICT skills on Numbots and are gaining confidence each time they have ago.
This afternoon, the children got to stroke two Silky chickens which were incredibly soft and fluffy! Thank you to Mrs Gill (Supply Teacher) for bringing in her lovely chickens. We would like to thank you for supporting your child with Show and Tell today, it was lovely to share the children’s sentences and pictures. Also, some enjoyed talking about their hobbies and what they enjoyed doing. It was certainly lovely to hear what each child enjoys doing in their spare time. Thank you for all the home learning and hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



Our children have had lots of fun in class today playing with the software numbots. We have practice logging on and setting up our accounts. We have had lots of success in playing with number and building our robots. All information is being sent home tonight for you to be able to log on at your leisure and continue the great work. Have fun!



Egg News!
Good morning everyone, we have had an exciting morning as we have two chicks born and one trying very hard to escape its shell. The children were excited to see the chicks and will look forward to holding them once they are stronger. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



Celebrating Chinese New Year:
Today, the children learnt about Chinese New Year and it is the year of the Tiger. In PE, they learnt how to use small and big movements to clean their house in preparation. The children enjoyed listening to a story and looking at where in the world China is and where the UK is. The children couldn’t believe how big China was in comparison! Next, the children did some Chinese Artwork which was tracing a tiger, drawing chalk dragons and making dragons out of paper plates. The children also watched Chinese Dancing called The Lion Dance this where the lion costume is mimicking the movements of the lion and it is believed to bring good luck and fortune yet warn off evil spirits. The music the children have also listened to is beating drums, cymbals and gong instruments. The Chinese use Mandarin numerals and the children explored and did representations of this. Please ask your children about their day and what they have learnt. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



Egg News!

Yesterday, we had a visit from Farmlink to check on our eggs. It was really exciting for the children to see the veins inside the egg. We have so far 6 eggs that have fertilised out of the 7. Obviously, we need to keep them warm and hopefully they will keep growing! Hope you enjoy the photos attached.



Today, the children had a special visitor! Mrs Dunstone kindly brought in her Bantam Chicken called Buttercup. The children each took turns having a cuddle and couldn’t believe how soft her feathers were. Plus, she felt very light even cuddled up with her blanket. The children asked Mrs Dunstone questions for example: Does she lay eggs? Yes she does, not as many as she is an old chicken. Do you take her in the garden? Buttercup lives in a coop with a run and the chickens enjoy playing in my garden they go on the swing and slide! However, at night they take themselves to bed as the foxes will get them. The children really enjoyed being able to stroke Buttercup and can’t wait for our eggs to hatch.



We have had another busy week! The children have been using their researching skills finding out information about chickens and then writing an interesting fact. In numeracy, the children have been working on number bonds to 5 and learning about doubling. The children have also been chatting about what they aren’t very good at and how they can get better. It was an interesting chat and marvellous to hear how positive the children were on how they are going to get better. They shared practice, keep trying and never give up! Also, the children have been independently writing about the characters in the book Commotion on the Ocean. Plus, they have learnt j, v and w as their new sounds this week. It has been lovely to see how well the children are gaining more and more confidence with their learning each day and I know Mr Gill and myself are extremely proud of every child. A big thank you for all the home learning and please keep sending.



Wow! The children have had an amazing week not only did they get to explore the frosty mornings they also have been looking after our eggs in the incubator. The children have been making their own dices using the clay this involved making a cube and poking holes to make the spots on their dice. Also, they having been practicing their gross motor skills throwing, catching and bouncing! The children have also been drawing 2D shapes using the chalk and are excellent at naming their shapes. Today, they enjoyed using the iPads and learnt how to change colour, pencil and size on the Doodle App. The children drew their own pictures and used a variety of colours. Plus, the children have been reading and doing their phonics! Thank you all for sending your children’s learning and please keep sending. Hope you enjoy some of the photos taken during this week and hope you all have a lovely weekend.



Today, we had a special visitor from Farmlink and they dropped off six eggs not the eating kind! The eggs are placed in an incubator until they hatch in a couple of weeks. The children will learn about the life cycle and will look after the eggs, learning as the chicks grow. We will give you updates on how our eggs are doing!



We have had a really busy week! The children have been learning about animals under the sea and what habitats they live in. They enjoyed playing with Small World outside and taking adventures on the pirate ship. They even found treasures in our sandpit! Also, the children have been watching Blue Planet and enjoying watching the animals under the sea. The children have been working hard on their phonics and are beginning to apply their phonics to their writing about fish. The children have been listening to The Rainbow Fish story and have been creating beautiful artwork. Thank you for sending your children’s home learning on Tapestry and please keep sending!



We have had an exciting day! The children have explored how to save animals from the ice they were trapped in. This involved using salt, water and cutlery to dig them out of the ice. They were able to say why it’s important to save animals and they all worked collaboratively together. Also, our poor pirate ship turned into a shipwreck! Sadly, due to our lovely weather! The children worked well and we were able to make our ship look amazing again. They certainly enjoyed playing pirates and dressing up. Hope you enjoy the photos uploaded.



We have had a great start to our term already! The children have been busy writing words, exploring textures of shells and making patterns. The children have also been making shell rubbings and playing pirates in their new role play area. As our theme is Under the Sea the children have enjoyed playing with sea creatures and looking at books related to sea life. Please check out the new role play area!
It was lovely to hear about the children’s Christmas holidays and what they enjoyed the most.



Happy New Year one and all and welcome back to a new term where we will be exploring the topic 'Under the Sea'. We are looking forward to beginning new and exciting journeys together.



The festivities continue; in addition to a Christmas Special show and tell, we have learned the story of A Christmas Carol, watched the Muppets retells it, made some bauble icing biscuits, watched the KS2 Christmas Carol Concert and played games! Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a goodnight...



This afternoon, we followed instructions on position and 2d shapes to draw our own Christmas trees. We had to follow the sequence of steps carefully and see if we could guess what we were drawing. We compared the patterns of our baubles and agreed that, regardless of position, the sum of the objects remained the same in value.



Today, the children learnt all about Christingle. It was interesting to hear what the children thought. A lot of the children knew it was to do with God and how we must appreciate him. They also learnt what each of the components meant. Please ask your children what they are. To celebrate Christingle the children sang Away in a Manger and said a prayer.



Special Visitor arrived! The children were super excited to see Father Christmas visit them with some gifts.  They asked him lots of questions and also asked him what he got for Christmas!!  He said, 'the love of children and adults throughout the world'.



Christmas Festivities
The children have had a lovely day thanks to the PTA organising the class activities. The children enjoyed singing Christmas carols and then moved on to playing games. The children had to choose a name for the Snowman and guess the present. Well done to our winners Ana and Summer. We all had a lovely Christmas lunch and enjoyed pulling crackers! In the afternoon the children enjoyed watching Peter Pan Pantomime. Hope you enjoy the photos attached



Hi Everyone, it has been an extremely busy week for our children not only did they do their nativity which was amazing, they have been busy making lots of different decorations in the classroom. The children have learnt new sounds this week B, F and L. They have been not only practicing these sounds they have been trying to form the letters as well. Also, the children went on a winter hunt and they had to see how many things they could spot on their list, they certainly enjoyed searching! Each of the fruit groups also took part in a Big Art Activity in making a lounge scene for Father Christmas and a big sleigh on our patio. Each of the children enjoyed painting, cutting and decorating! Please take a look as your children have done a marvellous job! Today, the children were very excited to play and pretend they were Father Christmas delivering presents. The children have also emptied their drawers can you please check book bags and empty them so your child only has a reading record in them.



Star Performance of our Nativity!
The children were amazing performers today and did such a fabulous job. We are all extremely proud of every child and hope you all enjoyed the performance as much as we did. We would like to thank you all for being very supportive and hopefully, we have returned your items correctly! If you are missing anything please let me know.



Wow! We have had a very busy week...as it was anti bullying week so the children designed their own socks with words and pictures of ways of being kind. The children really enjoyed sharing their socks with the class.
As you can see, the children have been exploring addition and subitising numbers up to 4.
Next, they made puppets from The Snowman and enjoyed retelling the story and even took them on their journey listening to The Snowman music ‘Walking on the Air’. As the children enjoyed doing this they wanted to try to write their own Snowman stories and some of the Snowmen certainly had great adventures! It was lovely to see the children trying hard using their phonics.
In phonics, the children have learnt the sounds e, u and r and even beginning to try to form these letters.
Last of all the children have been getting prepared for our Nativity! As you can see it has certainly been a busy week!
Thank you for all of your contributions on Tapestry and for exploring books on Bug Club. Please keep sending your children’s learning.



This week has been maths week and across the school our children have been busy exploring maths.

We have investigated number, shape and measure practically and enjoyed grappling with a wide range of resources.

Our Year 6 children were tasked with the challenge of becoming ‘teachers’ for the afternoon and led learning in Reception. All across the school, children were using fantastic oracy and vocabulary to articulate and reason their thinking.

A huge well done to our very able and enthusiastic learners. As ever, you have all risen amazingly to the challenge!!



To commemorate Remembrance our class marked the occasion with a 2 minute silence following BBC coverage. We then created our own war medals, made poppy art and even made and raced our own paper airplanes after having watched videos of spitfires flying. I hope your child will be able to tell you something interesting about the event!



In addition to making Gingerbread Men in class today, we also enjoyed a musical feast with 'show and tell' where children enjoyed playing some live tuned instruments and played 'snakes and ladders' where they practised turn taking with their Year 6 buddies. Another fantastic week of learning in Reception. Well done all!!!



We have been busy with our projects for the 'Three Little Pigs'.  We have used junk modelling to create homes out of different materials and used a story map on our carpet to help guide us through the story using pictures.  Have a look on our Class DoJo page where you can see a video of us retelling the story!!



Today was our first full day of school and all of our children managed the day beautifully!  We have been having great fun exploring our 'Three Little Pigs' story.  We have used junk modelling and we even acted out the fairy tale on our outside stage area!  We are becoming great storytellers and are using amazing vocabulary in our speech!!  We even used phrases from the story that we have learned by heart.  You can view these on our class DoJo page.



A huge and warm welcome to all of our new reception children and families!  

We are looking forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our Worlebury School family.

Over the next few weeks, we will learning about school life - where our personal belongings go, personal care, how we work and play together, developing friendships, learning school routines and how to look after our classroom.  We are going to have great fun sharing stories, discussing our hobbies and interests and exploring our class and school environment.

Please feel free to catch me in the playground (usually after school is a quieter time!) to speak with me about your child.  I love to hear what they have been doing at home and what they learn with you!  

You can share examples of their learning at home on Tapestry and I will omment on their diary entry which you can show to your child.  You are also welcome to message me if there is something you need to contact me with or bring to my attention through Class DoJo.  Class DoJo will be an active app that we will share pictures, videos and class stories with you throughout the year.

Rock on Term 1!

Mr Gill.  :)