Year 5

Welcome to Year 5             

Mrs D White (Y5 teacher)

Mr Camper (Student teacher)


In Year Five, the children enjoy learning in a variety of ways through a richly creative, broad and balanced curriculum.  We use cross curricular learning themes in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other.  We aim to develop knowledge, concepts, skills, dispositions and attitudes necessary for the child's whole development.  We embrace 'Learning Without Limits' where children are not put into 'boxes' but are given the chance to surprise us - and themselves - about what they can achieve.






Reading - 5 times a week Bug Club

Spelling - 8 sessions each week using Spelling Shed


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Start of the day: 8.50am

End of the day: 3.05pm


Curriculum Information


Term 5 and 6 Out of this World Curriculum Map

Term 5 and 6 Out of this World Home Learning grid


Term 4 The Shang Dynasty Curriculum Map

Term 4 The Shang Dynasty home learning grid


Term 3 Victorians Curriculum Map

Victorian  Home Learning grid


Terms 1 and 2 Country Comparison Curriculum Map


Terms 1 and 2 Home Learning grid


Year 5 Information sheet














Terms 5 and 6 - Out of this World

In terms 5 and 6 we are going to learn all about Earth and Space. This will include understanding how our solar system works and considering whether there could be life on another planet!

For our WOW day, we used fruit to decide the position of planets in our solar system then we used fact cards to help us create each of the planets in groups.  We also watch a fascinating video about the conditions on each of the other planets. This helped us to design a planet of our own and describe what it would be like to visit our planet.


Term 4 2022 - The Shang Dynasty


This term we are going to learn all about the Shang Dynasty. We will learn about their lives and homes, their rulers, their religion and how they entertained themselves. Have a look at the topic grid above to see all of the exciting things we have planned. We will also have a WOW day where we will have the chance to design and create musical instruments and fans aswell as designing some Shang Dynasty outfits. Remember to have a look at the home learning grid for extra home learning tasks for the term and make sure you share any of your wonderful work with us at school.


Term 3 2022 - Who were the Victorians?

Please have a look at the Curriculum Map above to see what learning we will be doing this term in Year 5. In addition to our weekly homework, there is also list of optional home learning tasks in the 'Notices' section above. If you complete any of these, please make sure you bring them in to school to share with the class.

What a great start we have had to our new topic. The Year 5 children were excellent pupils at our Victorian School but we were all keen to return to 2022 by the end of the day! 



The children started their day having a hand and shoes check and were not allowed to enter the classroom until both were spotless! We then learnt some capital cities, Queen Victoria facts and times tables. We also used chalk and blackboards to practise our handwriting. Unfortunately, some children had to wear the dunce's hat when they couldn't recall the facts that we were learning. We sang the National Anthem to the Headteacher and a younger class and we also confidently recited The Lord's Prayer. 

At breaktime, we chose from skipping, tiddlywinks or hopscotch.

In the afternoon, the boys did some super technical drawing and the girls created pin cushions and demonstrated some excellent sewing skills.

We were all very relieved at 2.30pm when we decided it was time to return to 2022!


Welcome Back Year 5 (2021/22)

I am really looking forward to seeing you all. We have lots of exciting topics to learn about in Year 5.

Our first topic this year is 'Country Comparison'. We will be learning all about Iceland and Brazil and comparing them to the UK. During our WOW day we will be creating mythical Icelandic trolls using clay, creating our own geyser using coca cola and mentoes and trying to recreate the effect of the Northern Lights using tissue paper and torches! 

See the 'Notices' section for our curriculum map and for any extra home learning you can complete. 

Weekly homework and any messages or updates will be posted on class dojo.





This term our new project is, 'What is our place in space?'. During this project, we are going to be asking and trying to answer many questions! Here are just some of them:

Where are we in space?               Is there life beyond our planet?               What is orbit? 

How does rotation affect night and day?              Could we live on Mars?                Why would we need to?

 What would it be like to be an astronaut?      How do the Earth and space affect each other?

If you have any ideas or answers to any of these exploratory questions, then please email us via the office! We will keep you updated with our progress!

Term 6

Treat Day

Everyone had the most fantastic time.  We watched some of our favourite films in our PJs and were relaxing with our pillows and blankets.  We were taught the skills of using a bow and arrow and then had a battle with different teams.  After that, we had a fabulous time playing with the water and got everyone wet!  Finally, we also had fish and chips and games on the school field when everyone had gone home.  It was certainly a day to remember for all.


Term 5

Learning About The Planets

We have been researching to find out information about the different planets.  We have discovered that they are all very different and used fruit to help us to understand about the different sizes and the distance away from the sun.

Daily Mile

Year 5 are taking part in the daily mile.  It is helping us to keep healthy and is good for our concentration and mental health.  We are getting faster and building our stamina every day.

 Term 4 

Year 5 took part in a fantastic team building afternoon.  We had to work together as a team and use our problem solving skills in order to achieve a successful result.  Everyone had great fun!

Working together as team

Working as a team

Welcome back to year 5 - September 2020

All School Closure Home Learning will be posted on ClassDojo.

Don't forget to regularly look on ClassDojo to see what we have been doing, what we've got upcoming and what tasks have been set. 

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