Year 4

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Mr. A. Mackie (Y4  teacher)

Mrs. D. White (PPA teacher)
Mrs. J. Jones (TA)

Year Four is the second year in Key Stage Two; we use cross-curricular projects in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other.  Each project is planned carefully to meet the needs and capabilities of the child.  We aim to develop the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for your child's whole development. We embrace 'Learning Without Limits' where children are not put into boxes but are given the space to grow and to surprise themselves (and us) about what they can achieve.






Terms 1-2 'Can I walk like an Ancient Egyptian?' 

Project Curriculum Map 

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Key Dates

September 13th- Swimming starts

September 30th- Kayaking 

November 4th & 5th- Inset Days 

November 6th- Individual & family photos

November 20th-Trip to Bristol Museum

November 27th- Raise the Roof Festival









Terms 1 & 2: Can I walk like an Ancient Egyptian?

 Welcome back to school and to Year Four!  This week was our induction week with a whole school focus of 'Take One Picture'.  The children had one picture from which we looked at how 'to find greatness'.  We then got together with the rest of the school at the end of the week in order to share out thoughts and artwork. After the induction week, we will begin the Year 4 curriculum. This term project is titled, "Can I walk like an Ancient Egypt?"

Week 8

Our science topic this term has involved looking at states of matter. Part of this learning involved the children classifying different materials into which state of matter they belong. To finish off the learning the children explored a non-newtonian liquid that sometimes might be classified as a liquid and at other times would be classified as a solid. This non-newtonian liquid was cornflour and water. The children experimented through hitting it, picking it up and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Week 5,6,7

The children have been thoroughly engaged in the Ancient Egyptian writing process. Here are some pictures of making papyrus. 



They also practiced being archaeologists. 


Week 3

In Year 4 this week, the children have been bringing in their fantastic and creative home learning. Here is just some of the fantastic examples. 


In Science, we have been classifying solids and liquids. The children examined different materials and discussed what properties made them a liquid and what properties made them a solid. We had a great class discussion on jelly and shaving foam. We decided that they had properties that could make them a liquid or a solid. 

Week 2

"Entering the Tomb"

In Year 4, we became intrepid archaeologists. We entered the tomb of an unknown person. The children explored the artifacts they discovered inside. The children then interviewed each other about their experience of the tomb.  Here are some pictures of the tomb, its contents, the children entering the tomb and interviewing each other. 





Week 1

Here is our artwork with words that are needed in order to find greatness.



In Maths, we also looked at reasoning. The children were given some clues. They needed to use these clues to find a solution that was made out of coloured blocks. Here are some pictures of the groups working together to solve the problem. 


Academic Year 2018-2019

Terms 5 & 6: How Green is our Planet?

During our first week back, we will be delivering our leaflets to ask our local community to help us out with our greenhouse project.  If you can come with us to deliver leaflets on the afternoon of Thursday 6th June then please pop  in and see Mrs. Gifford or the school office, thank you.

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We will start by looking at our planet during the Stone-Age and focusing on the Raymond Briggs book, 'Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age'.  We will then move forward to the present day to see how we are affecting the environment today and what we can do to have a positive impact on how green our planet is.  A big part of our project will be the designing and building of our environmentally friendly bottle greenhouse which will form part of a new 'nature area' at Worlebury School. 


We are thinking about the question, 'What can we learn from the life and teaching of Jesus?' in RE this term.  We explored our own opinions of Jesus and looked and those of others. We then listened to the story of The Good Samaritan and reflected on what Jesus was teaching through this.  We studied a picture from the Parables Project called 'What Would You Do?' which is a modern interpretation of the story. We then created our own artwork to reflect our own thoughts of a modern version of The Good Samaritan story.







































#Y4 Bristol Museum Trip: Ancient Egyptians

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#Y4 Synagogue Trip, Bristol

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Kayaking Year4

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Year 4 enjoyed a morning of kayaking this Monday (17th September) - we all got a bit soggy but had a brilliant time!

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