Badgers Class - Year 4/5



Mrs. J. Mantegna

(Badgers Class Teacher Y4/5 M&T)

Mrs. C. Dawes

(Badgers Class Teacher Y4/5 W-F))


Mrs. S. Ely (LSA)

Miss. S. Mills (LSA)

Year Four and Year Five are the second and third years in Key Stage Two; we use cross-curricular projects in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other.  Each project is planned carefully to meet the needs and capabilities of the child.  We aim to develop the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for your child's whole development. We embrace 'Learning Without Limits' where children are not put into boxes but are given the space to grow and to surprise themselves (and us) about what they can achieve.



Start of the day: 8.45am                                 End of the day: 3.15pm

Term Five: (for children) starts: Tuesday 16th April 2024

Inset days: Monday 15th April 2024




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Out of this World 


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Spelling Scheme Overview:

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  • This will be posted on Class Dojo and will include a spelling task (generally on Spelling Shed) a maths homework and occasionally a reading comprehension task.
  • Children are expected to Read 5x week and use Bugclub for at least 2 of these occasions to complete at least 6 comprehension bugs


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Badgers 2023 - 2024

Welcome to our class page.

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TERM 5&6: Out of this World

Welcome back to Term 5 and 6. Our topic for these terms is Out of This World. We will be learning all about our Solar System and what affect it has on the Earth throughout the year. We will also be looking at important people in space travel and basing some English work around discussing whether or not this is important. Check back to see what we get up to.

TERM 4: People of the Rainforest: The Mayans

 Welcome back to Term 4. Our topic for this term is People of the Rainforest: The Mayans. We will be learning about the Maya people, their civilisation, culture and achievements in Mesoamerica.


This term so far we have learned about Where the Mayans lived in the world and how their society was organised in terms of a hierarchy. We have also enjoyed a wonderful WOW day all about chocolate. 

TERM 3: Who were the Victorians? 

This term we are learning all about the Victorians and their effect on the local area. 

We have focused our learning in English around the book 'Street Child' 

In Topic, we will be looking famous engineers and what people of the past created that we still use today. We will also examine Victorian Architecture and the affect the building of the railway had on the seaside.

In Science, we will be looking at Forces and completing many exciting experiments relating to these different forces acting on objects in the air, on land and on or in the water.

TERM 1 & 2: A Country Comparison 

Welcome to Badgers Class

Our first topic this term runs over two terms. It is called A Country Comparison - Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? We are busy researching countries around the world (Brazil and Iceland) and comparing them to the United Kingdom.

On our WOW day, the children took up their new roles as researchers for MI5, to help their field agent, Carmen Sandiego, in her fight against V.I.L.E.S evil plots to steal various treasures from around the world. Through intelligence research, the children identified the three countries we need to focus on and the treasures V.I.L.E may have their sights set on: The Crown Jewels, Pele's World Cup Trophy and some priceless Viking artefacts. They have begun building their case files and suspect V.I.L.E. are working out of the newly installed Seamonster in the local area. Please keep your eyes peeled and report any suspicious behaviour to us! ;-) 

In the afternoon, the children experienced (on a small scale) the pressure of a geyser and then created some beautiful Northern Lights artwork (photos to follow).