Foxes Class - Year 3


Mrs. J. Burbidge (Foxes Class Teacher Y3)

Miss. A. Rutherford (LSA)

Year three and is the first year in Key Stage Two and forms Lower Key Stage Two with Year four. The children's education is planned using the National Curriculum via our Creative Curriculum. We use cross-curricular projects in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other. Each project is planned carefully to meet the needs of the child. We aim to develop knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for the child's whole development and embrace 'Learning Without Limits'.





Start of the day: 8.45am                             End of the day: 3.15pm

Term Six starts: Monday 3rd June 2024

End of Term Six: Tuesday 23rd July 2024



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 Homework expectations

Children are also expected to know these spellings: 

Statutory Year 1 and 2 spelling list

Statutory Year 3 and 4 spelling list


Children will need to access the following sites for their homework (click to access):





WOW Day - Trip to Aerospace Bristol - May 2024

Fox Class were very excited to visit Aerospace Bristol as part of their 'Lights, Camera, Action' learning project. We enjoyed a fantastic 'Supersonic Sound' workshop where we investigated lots of different objects and how they made a sound. We looked at air cannons, tuning forks, triangles, plastic tube telephones and drums. 

We explored the Concorde hangar and loved being able to walk through the Concorde. We also loved visiting the Aerospace Galleries where we learned about aviation history and had chance to enjoy lots of hands on learning. 


Wonderful Water WOW Day - March 2024

We were scientists for our Wonderful Water WOW Day, using our knowledge of the different states of matter to plan our evaporation investigation. We thought about where in the classroom we should place our containers of water and then made predictions about which location would see the water evaporate first. We thought that the water in the container by the radiator or the container by the window would evaporate first. 




Marvellous Maths - January/February 2024

We enjoy using lots of different resources to help us with our maths. When we were learning about arrays, we practised our skills using chalk on the playground.

Sometimes we use multi link cubes to help us when practising our multiplication and lollipop sticks when working on division with remainders.



Design and Technology - November 2023

We have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his furniture designs for the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow. We also looked at many other chair designs, tested some for comfort and even discovered a photograph of a child sized chair found in Tutankhamun's tomb. We then designed our own chairs to meet our design brief before building a prototype. 


Tomb Raiders WOW Day - October 2023

Foxes Class had lots of fun during their Tomb Raiders WOW Day. We made 3D Tutankhamuns from wooden spoons and cardboard. We think they are fantastic! We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Professor Jones, an 'Egyptologist,' who told us about the River Nile, Howard Carter's life and the Ancient Egyptian mummification process. 






Year 3 - Foxes Class 2023-2024 

Welcome to Foxes Class page and an exciting new school year! The children return on Wednesday 6th September and we can't wait to see them. 

The first few days at school will be our induction where we will create a class contract and revisit expectations of learning and behaviour. The following week we will begin our learning project, 'Tomb Raiders.'

All messages and displays of work will be sent through our ClassDojo system. This is where you can get in contact to ask questions, see children's learning and stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in Year 3 and in the school. 





Year 3/4 - Foxes Class 2022-2023


As part of our Lights, Camera, Action topic we had an exciting trip to Bristol Aerospace with Badger Class. We were amazed to see a real Concord and to learn all about it. We also enjoyed our workshop about supersonic sound and used our knowledge of sound to complete a challenge. 




For our 'Wonderful Water' WOW Day, we immersed ourselves in learning about water. We found out about evaporation and condensation, created our own investigations into evaporation, we built a 3D living water cycle and designed a whole class water cycle picture. We loved being scientists for the day and were excited to share our work at an exhibition for our families and friends. 




Following our fantastic session with Darrell Wakelam, we worked hard on creating our own 3D pictures of a Viking longship using his step by step guide. We were really pleased with our finished designs.




Fox Class were extremely fortunate to be joined by 3D artist Darrell Wakelam for their Viking WOW Day. Darrell showed us some of his work, answered our questions and provided us with a step by step tutorial on how to create a 3D picture of a Viking longship. 



Professor Robert Jones came to visit us for our 'Tomb Raiders' WOW Day. He told us about his work as an Egyptologist, how to mummify someone and lots of facts about Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. We also used our colour mixing skills to create amazing backgrounds for our pyramid silhouettes.







FOX CLASS 2022-2023

Welcome to our Fox Class page and a brand new school year (along with new class names)! The children will return on Monday 5th September where they will start their journey in Year 3/4. 

The first week back will be our induction week where we will create class contracts and revisit expectations of learning and behaviour. The week will end with the sharing of our learning with the rest of the school. In a couple of weeks time (day to be confirmed) we will have our Ancient Egypt Wow Day to launch our Term One/Two project. 

All messages and displays of work will be sent through our ClassDojo system. This is where you can get in contact to ask questions, see children's learning and stay up-to-date with everything that is happening in Year 3/4 and in the school. 


YEAR THREE 2021-2022

Lightning Lara

The children alongside the Year Four children performed a play that they had learnt in just over a week. They were amazing. The acting, reading, performing, dancing and singing was very enthusiastic. Well done to all those who participated. 

Term 5

This terms project title is, 'Plants of the Rainforest'. The children will becoming botanists and studying the plants of the rainforest through exploring how plants grow and their life cycles. They will also be creating artwork and models of plants. 

Term 4

World Book Day

The children wore pyjamas to school to celebrate reading before bedtime. There was also a decorate a potato or wooden spoon competition which they decorated into their favourite book characters.




Term 3: Remarkable Romans

This term the children have been exploring how remarkable the Romans are. The children have begun to explore the reasons that the Romans wanted to invade Britain, how big the Roman Empire was and why their soldiers were effective at fighting. 

The children's learning has seen them create amazing Roman shields and learn how to form defensive formations with them. They have also started to learn how to design Roman houses. 

New Year

Welcome to a new school year. Over the next two terms, the children's topic is titled, 'Stones and Sundials'. The children will be exploring Prehistoric Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 


Terms 5-6 How does our body work? 

Over the next two terms, the children will be learning about how their bodies work. They will be learning; the names of the human body, the names of the muscles, what the function of the skeleton is, how the bones and muscles work together, what the names and functions of different teeth are, how our digestive system works and studying food chains.  


Terms 3-4 How does our world rage? 

 World Book Day

For World Book Day the children had the opportunity to dress in their PJ's. They also brought in their favourite book. They created book reviews, favourite character descriptions and some even made models of their favourite characters. 



 Exciting Volcanos

The children have been studying how volcanos are formed and what happens during a volcanic eruption. In order to demonstrate their knowledge, the children built models out of modroc, painted them and then erupted them. 



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Reading is taught in many different ways: weekly guided reading (group discussions based around a text), shared reading (quality whole class texts) and reading across the curriculum. The focus across Key Stage 2 is on children's comprehension skills and how well they understand what they have read. You can support your child at home by hearing them read aloud at least 5 times a week (even if they are a fluent reader!) and asking them questions about what they have read.