Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Mrs. J. Mantegna (Y3 teacher) 

Mrs. L. Barili (Y3 teacher)

Mrs. Y. Matthews (TA)

Year Three is the first year in Key Stage Two. The children's education is planned using the National Curriculum via our Creative Curriculum.  We use cross-curricular learning themes in which subjects overlap to reinforce and compliment each other.  Each learning theme is planned carefully to meet the needs and capabilities of the child.  We aim to develop knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for the child's whole development and embrace 'Learning Without Limits'.



Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd October: Parents Evenings. Please sign up outside the classroom.



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Term Two: Welcome Back!

It is with great pleasure that Year 3 have been welcomed back to school ready for Term 2. We had a fabulous first week back in Y3 and our teachers are delighted with the way we have settled in so swiftly. In this term, we will continue to study different aspects of Roman life and routines before moving on to developing our knowledge of the Anglo Saxons. 

Our upcoming school trips this term include: Synagogue Trip, 26th November; Raise the Roof, 27th November and Caerleon, 5th December. 

Below you will find some information and pictures of the learning we have already thrown ourselves into!

Design Technology

This week in D&T, we have begun to examine levers and linkages. So far we have composed a small mechanism that, by using split pins as levers and paper strips as linkages, produced a small wave! Here are some pictures of the instruction process and our outcome:


Our aim is to use links and levers to create a small-scale Roman catapult - it's safe to say that we are very excited!


For the rest of this month, most schools will be embarking on Barvember. This means that most days we will be studying the different ways of representing a calculation with bar models. So far, we have demonstrated that we can discuss our thought processes when approaching a word problem. We have even discussed commutative law! 

Check out our brilliant whole-class thinking:



This week we have decided to revisit some classic words just to make sure we all feel comfortable with how to write and spell them. Our aim for this homework is to spell and use these words accurately in sentences whilst using our most beautiful joined up writing. Such a combination will help us to continue to develop as the amazing writers that we have shown ourselves to be. 

 Marvelous Mathematicians 

This week, we have been working hard in our fluency when adding and subtracting tens with 3 digit numbers. Our perseverance with our calculations has been amazing, our teachers are very proud of us. In fact, a couple of us had the opportunity to share our understanding and become teachers ourselves!


We talked through the hundreds, tens and ones approach while using pictorials to demonstrate our thinking. In Year 3 we are all Kings and Queens of Addition and Subtraction. 

E-Safety Packs

In order to increase our awareness of e-safety, every week three of us will take home the online safety activity book. This includes lots of up-to-date information on the latest apps/websites and how to be safe on them.

Once we have made our way through the booklet, there is a page at the back where we fill in our names and the names of apps/websites that we use. As a class, we have discussed the importance of confidentiality and our right to privacy. Therefore, the page that includes personal information regarding our names and favourite apps/websites will be removed by our teacher before it is our friend's turn to have the folder. 

If you have any questions about the e-safety folder, please feel free to approach Mrs Mantegna or Mrs Barili. 

Class of T-Rexes 



We turned into T-Rexes in an English lesson this week - don't be alarmed, not the carnivorous kind. Instead, we were the highly educated 'Thesaurus Rex'. After investigating ways of upgrading words like 'good' and 'nice', we have been able to use words including 'outstanding' and 'pleasant' accurately in our original character descriptions. Our teacher was blown away by our upgraded drafts. 



Climbing and Abseiling 

To finish the week, on 27th September we traveled out to the Mendip Hills where we embarked on a climbing and abseiling adventure! We had amazing instructors who showed us how to put on our harnesses and helmets.


While we were waiting to have our equipment checked, we couldn't resist investigating a large puddle for wildlife!

Team work made the dream work when we took turns climbing up the limestone; it was important that we held the ropes steady while our friends climbed. 

We encouraged one another when abseiling. The anticipation was bubbling as our friends disappeared over the edge of the 150ft cliff!

Every single one of us demonstrated amazing courage and we should be very proud of ourselves. 

Harvest Festival

 To celebrate Harvest, we traveled down to St. Paul's Church in Kewstoke. When we got there, we sat down in the pews and took in the new scenery. As a part of the service, four of us read our amazing acrostic poems.


Raise the Roof

On the 27th November, we will be travelling with Year 4 to St. Martin's School to perform this year's songs for Raise the Roof. The theme of the songs this year is avoiding plastic pollution, something we noticed very quickly once we looked at the song list. So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning 'Always Drop Your Litter' which, thankfully, enforces dropping all waste in the bin!

Times Table Rock Stars Day 

On Wednesday 18th September the whole school took part in TT Rock Stars Day! To celebrate, we dressed up as rock stars and practiced our times tables on the TT Rock Stars app. It was great fun challenging our friends to a rock battle! Many of us in Y3 have said that we are looking forward to practicing on TT Rock Stars at home which is amazing because, by achieving top speeds, you can move up a level and earn certificates!

Here is a picture to show how positively rocking we are!

 Year 3 Roman WOW Day! 


 Friday 13th September was our WOW Day:

Today we discussed different historic figures and events, including Julius Caesar, Boudicca and Hadrian's Wall. At one point, one of our very own Y3s entered a transformation chamber before turning into Boudicca! While we were very keen to ask questions, lots of us wanted to support her in the rebellion against the Romans. Thankfully, Boudicca returned to the transformation chamber so that we could have our Y3 back!

Over the course of the day we threw ourselves into craftsmanship in order to design our very own Roman helmets, swords and shields. In ancient times, the average weight of Roman armour was 20KG - much heavier than ours! We put a lot of work into our different pieces and I'm sure you'll agree that the outcomes were amazing!

Thank you for an amazing WOW Day Year 3!

Term One: Stones to Shields!

Welcome back to school and to Year Three!  We will begin by having an induction week with a whole school focus of 'Take One Picture'.  The children will have one picture from which all of our learning will stem.  Following the induction, we will begin our learning project, 'Stones to Shields' which focuses on the Romans and the impact they have had on our lives today.  There is a link to the planned learning opportunities above.

Image result for romans pictures


 Reading in Year 3

Image result for the more you read quote

In Year 3 reading is taught in many different ways: weekly guided reading (group discussions based around a text), shared reading (quality whole class texts) and reading across the curriculum. The focus across Key Stage 2 is on children's comprehension skills and how well they understand what they have read. You can support your child at home by hearing them read aloud at least 5 times a week (even if they are a fluent reader!) and asking them questions about what they have read. 

  • Book-band books - children can independently change their reading books as appropriate. Please ensure you child reads a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 
  • Worlebury Reading Response Questions- You child will have brought home a bookmark with prompts to help you at home with questions and activities you can do with your child to extend their understanding of the text. 
  • Library - the school library is available to children and as a class we will try to visit once a week. Children are allowed to take home a maximum of 2 books that can be anything of their choice.
  • Autumn Term Reading Challenge> Your child will have brought home a reading challenge booklet containing 10 different reading activities you can complete together. 
  • Caught Reading Photo Challenge> Where is the coolest place you've read a book? We are looking for the best pictures of you reading in amazing spaces, adults included! 

If you have any questions about your child's reading or how reading is taught at Worlebury St Paul's, please do not hesitate to come and see us.