School Meals

From 7th June 2021 and are now using Aspens Catering with some exciting new menus

Dinner money is payable via Aspens online system.  The price of a school meal is £2.50 per day.

School meals are eaten in the school hall and children with packed lunches also eat outside when the weather is fine. Packed lunches must be self-sufficient, i.e. children will eat from their packed-lunch boxes and a small plastic cup should be provided to drink from. Water is provided for drinking, and no drinks or juice should be brought into school.

Please be aware that as some children in school have nut allergies, nut products are not permitted in children's lunch boxes (peanut butter sandwiches, raisin and nut mix etc...)

Free School Meals and Universal Free School Meals

North Somerset have replaced the old free school meal (FSM) paper application forms with an online checker.   Parents will have to apply online and will get an instant decision on eligibility.  If successful, the system will generate a confirmation that parents can then print off and give to the school.  Where parents do not have printers, we can accept either an email ( or by coming into school and showing the confirmation to the admin office on a smart phone. 

Due to the roll out of Universal Credit, any child entitled to free school meals should keep their entitlement until the end of the school stage they are in as at March 2022. The school stage refers to primary, secondary, or sixth form. This means many people should not reapply until they change from primary school to secondary school, or secondary school to sixth form in September 2022. These children should reapply in the Summer holidays before they change school (so no earlier than July 2022).

If any child moves schools in this time, the parent should email to update your records.

Please note that the entitlement is per child, not per family, so it is now very common for one sibling to be entitled to free school meals but a second to not be entitled.

Any parent/carer with a child not currently entitled to free school meals can apply online at

For any queries, please email

Even if your child is receiving universal free school meals because they are in Reception or KS1, please claim for free school meals if you are entitled to it as the school receives extra funding and free milk will be provided each day for each child - see leaflets below for more details: