School Closure Provision

Welcome to our School Closure Provision page for the parents and carers of children who are coming into school during the COVID-19 school closure period. Please visit this page for information about changes during the closure time. It will also be used as a space to share some of the experiences that the children have had whilst they're in. Please email with any queries or concerns during this time.

Term 6:  School Dinner Provision

Week beginning 1.6.20: Hot dinners are only available this week!

Monday:  Pizza & Wedges / Jacket Potato / School Packed Lunch

Tuesday:  Sausages& Mash / Jacket Potato / School Packed Lunch

Wednesday:  Burgers & Wedges / Jacket Potato / School Packed Lunch

Thursday:  Spaghetti Bolognaise  / Jacket Potato / School Packed Lunch 

Friday: Fish & Chips/ Jacket Potato / School Packed Lunch 


From week beginning 8.6.20: Only School Packed lunches are available - no hot dinners.




Today we used our careful colouring skills to create this message for all the wonderful NHS workers:

We also continued making our dream catchers that we started on Tuesday - this was very challenging as manipulating the wool was tricky and creating the web was really fiddly - we needed a lot of perseverance!


As well as this, we were creative with dream catchers in different ways! We wrote poems - some of them acrostic and some free flow - and learnt how to sketch our own dream catcher!



Today we worked with John Agard's poem, 'Goldilocks on CCTV'.  We learnt a section of this poem to perform each - we also painted a picture of our scene and then used our best handwriting to write it out. Take a look at our performance video below!