Worlebury News

Police Horse Visit
I am sure you will have heard that Police Horse Worlebury and Blaise (and Police Officers Helen and Hannah) visited school last week. Each class had the opportunity to ask questions and hear about police horses. I have to say how proud I was of the children’s behaviour and the very interesting questions that they asked. The police officers were very impressed!

Year Two Worlebury Woods Visit – Wild and Free WOW Day

A wonderfully educational time was had at Worlebury Woods by Year Two. They became scientists, artists and researchers for the day, exploring British wildlife. They had an amazing time and have learnt lots.

England does the Daily Mile!
All classes took part in the daily mile last week and will now all do a daily mile!


Year One Gardening WOW Day
Year One have started their gardening project for the term by becoming budding gardeners!

Year Four Junk Modelling (Recycling Themed) WOW Day
To launch their new project for term 5 and 6, Year Four undertook a day of turning regular junk into awesome toys and models!

Year Six Life Skills
Each year the Year Six class have the opportunity to learn some new life skills by visiting the Life Skills Centre in Bristol. Due to Covid, this year’s visit was a virtual one. During their tour, the children learnt about the dangers of electricity and how to be safe around electricity in the home. Over term 5 and 6 they will be covering further topics that help the children experience difficult and dangerous situations ‘virtually’ and learn how they can overcome these problems.

Virtual tour: https://lifeskills-bristol.org.uk/about-the-centre/tour/