Worlebury Forest School

Within our school improvement plan for the next year, we intend on setting up a Forest School on the school site. If you would like to be part of a working party of volunteers to help carry out some of the ground work, then let me know here: https://forms.office.com/r/vdK9KRM8WG

We would like to begin the initial setting up of the area on Wednesday 26th October 2022. I am sure there will be other times when volunteers are needed so please don’t let this date put you off volunteering! Complete the form above to let us know when you could help.

We would love for the following items to be donated:

Pots, pans and mud kitchen items


Gardening items : tools, plants/seeds etc., time, pots, water butt

Pallets & pallet collars – need lots of these!

Loose parts: nuts & bolts, cable reels, pebbles, small stones, old trucks & digger toys, wood planks, tyres, shells, pine cones, conkers, long sticks for den building, buckets

Top soil (we will need lots of this)

Pond liner and pond plants


Tubes, buckets, jugs

Logs – lots of these