Sports Day

Sports Days (14th – 16th July 2021):

Each class will undertake their Sports day at a different time so that equipment can be shared (and sufficiently cleaned in between groups) as well as using the field for spectators whilst following the rules around bubbles of 30 for spectators.

Please could children come dressed in their PE kit on the day of their Sports Day. We would also like children to wear a t-shirt in their house colour and come with caps, water bottles and sun cream.

Plans for the parents will be as follows:

All spectators will be expected to scan the QR code on entry to the school site.

We would ask that only one parent/carer attends the event (due to the legal limit of 30 in a group). In the interest of fairness, this will apply to all classes, including smaller classes.

Spectators will be expected to wear face coverings, unless the rules have changed by then.

Spectators will be asked to remain in the marked out areas at all times.

We would ask that parent/carers do not call their children over at any time during the event.

If the weather is inclement, the event will be cancelled. Parent/carers will be notified through Class Dojo and Parentmail. Unfortunately, we will be unable to reschedule cancelled events this year.

Parent/carers with children in subsequent year groups on the same day, can remain on the field at cross over points.

Each event will run for a maximum of 45mins.

Reception      14.7.21      11 - 11.45am

Year One        14.7.21      10 - 10.45am

Year Two        14.7.21      9 - 9.45am

Year Three     15.7.21      1.15 - 2.00pm

Year Four       15.7.21      2.15 –3.00pm

Year Five        16.7.21     1.15 –2.00pm

Year Six          16.7.21     2.15 –3.00pm