Online Safety Message for Parent/Carers

When we discuss online safety with the children we often refer to the SMART Rules and 3Cs:

Conduct: How we and others behave online

Content: What we view online, what we have access to (Apps, websites, games etc.)

Contact: Who we are interacting with, what information we are sharing.

Over the last few weeks I have needed to speak to children regarding some Conduct issues that have been happening at home outside of school hours.  These have included:

  • unkind (including the use of foul language and ‘bullying’ language) messaging between peers in group chats using WhatsApp,
  • sharing of videos/pictures of themselves in Snap Chat expecting them to just ‘disappear’ but then these are then re-shared by others causing upset from the original poster
  • excluding friends from online game groups like Roblox or Fortnite parties resulting in the party leaders ‘kicking’ different friends out of the games, causing upset.

The friendship upsets that these cause are then brought back into school and then escalate impacting on the children’s learning and social times.  Although these have mainly involved KS2 children, I would ask that all parent/carers remind their children about the three Cs (especially Conduct) and ask that children’s technology use is closely monitored.


Do you want to have a say on how to support children online?  Join our Online Safety Committee and work alongside staff and children (Digital Leaders) to ensure that the 3Cs are understood for all our children and the community.  Let the office know if this is something you would like to be part of!