Covid Guideline Reminders

The following Covid guidelines still remain in place until the end of the academic year:

Class bubbles are still in place and staggered timings (start and finish times, break and lunchtimes).

The playground still remains zoned for class bubbles and the adventure playground will continue to be timetabled on a weekly basis. 

Staff and volunteers will continue to undertake regular LFD tests.

If they receive a positive test then any close contacts, in most cases class bubbles, need to self isolate until a confirmatory PCR test is taken. If the PCR test is then positive, the bubble/close contacts have to self-isolate for 10 full days. A negative PCR test results in self-isolation ending for all.

If anyone displays any one of the three Covid symptoms (temperature, persistent cough or change/loss in smell or taste) they need to take a PCR test – a LFD test cannot be undertaken when someone becomes symptomatic!

Whilst they await the outcome of the PCR test, their household and care bubble need to self-isolate as well.